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When do babies get easier?

by Juliemara

Our little ladies are certainly becoming a handful, all along I thought “oh it will be easier when they can hold their heads up”, “oh it will be easier when they can hold their own bottle” (this one is true), it will be easier when they can sit up, it will be easier when they can crawl (yes both Talia and Jordan are now crawling. I promise this week I will get a baby race on camera and post it for you) but it is not any easier, IT’S EXHAUSTING! HA! but still  a lot of fun. I know I have heard parents of toddlers and older children say it doesn’t get easier, whats hard is always changing, I tried not to believe them. I think for us, now that the girls are slightly more self sufficient, meaning we can leave them on the floor to play for about three minutes ( on a good day) before they realize we are gone and start crying, we are trying to finish our house! Our year anniversary of moving in will be next week, remember all that crazyness while I was six months-8 months pregnant? I hope to post pics of how the house has come along since the last updates here and here. Today we turned the rug so that is is now ten feet wide rather than ten feet long and put a pad under it, which would have been great in the last month when little babies would spontaneously fall over and hit their head on not much more than the hardwood floor. We also cleaned out our extra room that could have landed us a spot on Horders. Feels good to clean things and get organized. SO now that I have made a promise I will be working very hard this week on getting my house photos done and posted for you to see, so this week plan on a few baby pics but not much more.twinstwinstwinstwinstwinstwinstwinstwinstwinstwinstwins

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  1. June 25, 2012

    You don’t know me. I have a painting blog and stumbled across your blog not long ago and it reminded me of about twenty years ago so I signed up for updates. My wife and I have two sets of twins. The oldest boys just graduated from college and the youngest (identical girls) are juniors in college. It does get easier (although in the short term it probably could get a little bit harder when they get more mobile). But there are always degrees of difficulty with every age and stage (including the ones mine are currently slogging through).

    You seem like a great Mom and have a great attitude already. Just remember how blessed your are to have what you have, and love on them. It’s a big experiment and all you have to do is the best that you can.


  2. Eliana permalink
    June 26, 2012

    Yeah I thought the same way!! I have found that as some things gets harder, others get easier. Noah would be insanely active and crawling into everything but then he would start sleepin through the night for like 14 hours at a time. Or he would be running everywhere and trying to find an outlet I missed but he would also eat an entire meal unassisted with his fingers and even reaching for his sippy cup when he wanted a water break. It’s quite the adventure!! I love your blog and reliving Noah’s babyhood through your stories. It goes by so fast!! He’s literally a little boy already. 🙁

    • June 26, 2012

      Thanks for sharing your experiences it’s great to hear tales of what’s to come. It makes me feel better that my sweet infants are quickly turning into toddler easier or not. I’ve also heard little boys are way harder than little girls!

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