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I painted a picture

by Juliemara

I love original art, I do not love the cost of original art. A good large piece is minimum $300 and the sky’s the limit. One of my favorite pieces of original art that I have ever seen is this photo. Its from a home we rented with friends in the mountains a few years back. I don’t know who it is by, but if I ever do find out and I can afford it at the time, I would love to own this piece of art. I love our white walls, but I love them as a back drop for some color. I can’t go and buy a few thousand dollars worth of framed art right now so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I found this magazine tear a long time ago, the brightly colored wall hanging on the right caught my eye in the otherwise neutral room. I knew one day I would recreate a version of it for our home. I wasn’t exactly in any condition to paint back then so I tucked it away for the day when my fingers felt better and I had time to take on such a task. A few months ago I finally had an evening, once the babies were fast a sleep, I poured myself a glass of wine and a bowl of red paint and I got to painting. Next I added the black then the yellow. It’s not an exact replica, but the art in the photo is actually a woven textile and the yellow has much more green in it than my version. But I am happy with my end result and it adds a nice pop of color to the wall for now. I can always change it out or paint over it later.


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