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8 Months | Smiling Watermelon
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8 Months

by Juliemara
Sweet Baby girls, you are 8 months old.
Jordan-left, Talia – right.
Two thirds of your first year lived and we loved every minute of it. I guess it’s time to start planning your first birthday party. I picked a theme already, you’ll love it I promise, but I’ll keep it a surprise until the big day. I’m happy to say that you don’t look too different now than you did at six months, you looked very different at six months than you did at four months, I’m happy that I get to see your sweet little baby faces a few more times before you turn into toddlers.

You are certainly heavier, sometime when I lift you I think your diaper must be overly full because you weigh so much, I check it. it’s not, it’s just you growing. You are good little eaters, you eat two or three times each day, plus your 25-30 ounces of formula. You have a sweet tooth, you love sweet potatoes, apples, pears and butternut squash. You also tried blueberries, but we think Talia had a reaction to them, so we will wait sometime before giving you them again. You eat chicken and yogurt, but not together. And beans and broccoli and carrots. Sometimes you are so eager to grab the food and anything else from the table we think you would gobble it right up if we gave it to you, then we try to and Talia you make sure we know you’re not quite ready with your gagging. Thanks for the reminder little one. At least you gag to let us know it won’t work and don’t just try to swallow too much, that’s a good sign. Soon we will start giving you mashed rather than pureed food and when you are comfortable with it and stop making your disgusted faces we will give you your finger foods! Abba can’t wait for you to start eating the same food we eat, he’s a great cook and and wants cook for you!

You both are almost mobile, you have learned to get around by being inch worms or rolling or spinning or sliding across the hardwood floors, usually backwards until you get stuck, then you cry. You are both really good at getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth, Talia you almost have it down. Your knees move forward one after the other, now you just have to figure out how to get your hands to do the same thing, otherwise you fall on your face, as you have learned the hard way. Jordan, you love moving too, backwards, fast. You keep getting stuck under the couch, you even got a booboo on your ankle from it, we put a band-aid on it. You are both starting to get really frustrated with your lack of mobility, you cry when you can’t reach a toy or as you are rocking on all fours and not going anywhere, but you are doing a great job and I know you will get it soon. You both have teeth on the way, a couple in front on the bottom, they gave you each a few days of fussiness, but nothing we couldn’t handle. Can’t wait to see them when they fully emerge. Oh, and you have grown out of almost all of you six months clothes.
Jordan, you have become much more high maintenance than you once were.  You DO NOT like to go to sleep, for naps or for night time, you will eventually and you need to because if you don’t you are a grump, but you sure do fight it. You are such a sweet baby (after your nap) you have such a gentle smile and your new sounds are so cute bop, bop, bop and dat, dat, dat. You don’t like strangers, I don’t blame you. You look, listen and then you cry and we move on, together, I promise we aren’t going to give you away. You love your sister so much, when you are separated for whatever reason you are always looking for her and when you are together you are always reaching to touch her and pat her like you always did, but now when you do it she laughs and then you do, and you two continue to play this way, pulling on each others clothes hands and ears and laughing and giggling the whole time, it’s fun to hear you laugh.
Talia-left, Jordan-right.
Talia, You are a good sleeper, you sleep on your side or on your tummy and you use your lovey as a pillow. You know that coughing will get our attention and you use it regularly and we come running every time. You don’t cry as much as you use to, but when you do you cry with passion.You love everyone, you smile and laugh at anyone that will give you their attention. I’m not sure what it is but you do this new cute baby thing where you flap your arms up and down in excitement and bob your body up and down at the same time while shouting, it’s kind of like dancing, without too much rhythm. When you and your sister play together some part of her body ends up in your mouth, a hand, a foot, her head. Your hair is getting long and a few strands fall over your ear, I tuck them back behind it for you.
Talia-under the crib, Jordan-not under the crib.
I am no more use to the idea that I have two babies than I was the day I brought them home.  Where has the time gone? My question to other moms have shifted from what is your feeding and nap schedule to what about having a toddler do you love? when dis she start walking? how do you deal with tantrums? (you mean I may have to let my child go to school in her pj’s one day?) It’s amazing how with these little people as soon as you get good at something they go an get a new set of skills and we have to learn to do things in a whole new way.
Se la vie.
Happy 8 months baby girls we love you and are so proud of you! Mommy & Abba
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  1. Ellen permalink
    June 13, 2012

    Just adorable!, love, nana

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