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This evening both babies… | Smiling Watermelon
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This evening both babies…

by Juliemara

Mom! Happy birthday from all of us here at Smiling Watermelon. I hope you like your gift and have a great day. Love you!

This evening both babies hit their heads, I of course felt so bad, after all it is my fault if they hurt themselves. It happen to Jordan first, she was siting nicely and Talia spun around on her tummy so her feet were right in front of Jordan. One good kick to the gut and Jordan fell straight backward and landed right on the back of her head, thump. It sounded like it hurt and her pause before the scream was quite long. Luckily the shock wore of pretty quickly and sun e she was back to playing in about 90 seconds I came to the conclusion that a trip I the emergency room would not be necessary. Talia was next, after her bath she was super wiggly. So much so that I ha to lay her on be floor to dress her rather Han on the changing table. Before I could finish she rolled over on to the corner of the hinge of our Johnny jumper that had been left on their floor (due to an emergency I was told, the night before when I went to a fundraising event and left my husband to be super dad). She was not thrilled with a metal corner poking her in the back of her head, but she too recovered quickly from the trauma and both babies fell asleep in another 90 seconds. I still miss them when they go to sleep, I love days when they wear me out, then I feel like I didn’t miss anything, the rest of the days are still hard.











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