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All that there is to come | Smiling Watermelon
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All that there is to come

by Juliemara

The other night I met a couple of friends for dinner. While we waited for our table on the sidewalk to empty of it’s patrons I looked around at all the people eating at the different tables. It was about 8:30 pm, the babies were fast asleep, or so I thought, at home with their abba. I saw young adults dressed to the nines and remembered when I was at that place in my life, I saw couples who seemed to just be getting to know each other and others who looked as if they could read each others mind. I saw families, moms and dads with their grown children having an evening meal together, maybe to celebrate the end of the school year maybe for no reason at all. And while it tugs at my heart that my little babies get closer and closer everyday to not being babies anymore I look forward to the days when we can all sit around the table together, enjoying a meal and each other company. Discussing real things, accomplishments, hopes, expectations of the next day, the summer, the rest of her life. I don’t mind that my little babies communicate only through their smiles and tears these days but I am excited to hear what they have to say, one day.

But for now I get to put my babies in baskets, and they don’t say anything, sort of.

Getting one great picture of these little buggers is not an easy task. The chances of getting both babies to look at the camera and smile with their hands not in their mouths is pretty much impossible.
Jordan and Talia “what is she doing to us now?”

20120603-215724.jpgJordan”Talia, mom want to take our picture, smile with me”.

20120603-215824.jpg Talia,”please don’t touch me”.

20120603-215925.jpgJordan,”ok,ok you don’t have to get upset.”

20120603-220031.jpg Jordan, “I tried mom”

20120603-220137.jpgJordan “I can look cute like this.”

20120603-220217.jpg Talia “me too.”

20120604-075816.jpgJordan and Talia, “see, don’t we look cute.”

20120604-075907.jpgJordan, “wow, that’s a full diaper”

20120604-080242.jpgTalia, “I want a new diaper”

20120604-080335.jpg Talia, “One more smile then I’m done.”

The diapers sans ugly character prints all over them are Seventh Generation from the grocery store. I love them, but the cost a bunch more than the Huggins and pamper, so they are reserved for certain occasions.

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  1. Melissa permalink
    June 4, 2012

    I don’t get why they have to cover diapers in all sorts of horrible characters and patterns, why can’t they just be white and cute?

    • June 4, 2012

      because everyone but the parents makes money off it. Pampers and huggies get money from Disney/sesame street for doing it and in return kids get these characters shoved in their faces so they want more of the character stuff throughout their childhood. And a lot of parents like it. I’ve met plenty of adults who are obsessed with whinne the poo.

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