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Swimming, Swimming | Smiling Watermelon
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Swimming, Swimming

by Juliemara

There are so many photos I love from our trip to Hilton Head last weekend I have to share more with you today. On Sunday we took a long walk in the morning on the beach with the girls and in the afternoon decided to spend time in the pool at our house.


The water was a little cool but easy to get use to and the girls didn’t seem to mind it. They loved it when we blew bubbles for them, drug them through the water as though they were surfing and sitting in their shaded baby floats which proved to be a great Walmart purchase. We also made sure the girls had plenty of sunscreen. We have been using California Baby, which is expensive but it came highly recommended and the girls are not out so much that we go through it fast. And they have enough hats to have one at arms reach at all times. Hats are a great thing to buy on sale at the end of the season. We got SPF 50 hats on sale at target while I was still pregnant for $1.52 each, the same exact hat is in the store now for $8.00.





After a while the girls got cranky and we knew they’d had enough, nap time in the shade by the pool.





And after nap time my husband built this great little cabana so the girls could enjoy their baby pool in the shade while having watermelon. They are pretty good at holding the actual watermelon but they are way better at holding these munchkin feeders. We only use them for fun, not for actual eating.



Have a great weekend!

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  1. June 3, 2012

    They’re adorable! And that beach looks captivating <3

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