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I’m excited

by Juliemara

Enjoying the small things blog Source
I get to share with you the girls first trip to the beach this week. I think the beach is a special place, there is something so amazing and awe inspiring about the place where the land meets the sea. It’s so big and makes you feel so small and at the same time the very water you are standing in touches another beach, not unlike the one you are standing on, in another world, with different language and cultures and colors. The sound of the waves never gets old, the air from the ocean cleanses your body. I love the ocean because it was something special for just once or twice a year, my husband loves it because it was part of his childhood. I don’t know where the ocean will live in my girls lives, maybe it will be both a special destination and part of their child hood for sometime. Either way there is no doubt that year after year they too will love discovering if this beach makes for a good drip castles or body surfing or sea shell hunting.

On a side note, the lovely picture above is from a blog I discovered recently while perusing Pinterest. The photographer is a mom of two adorable girls who clearly love each other very much. The younger of the two has different abilities as a result of down syndrome. When I come across blogs from women who have children with various abilities that differ from the majority of kids their words always bring tears to my eyes. Not because I am sad for them, but because it is these parents who are able to verbalize so well all the wonderful small things that children are capable of, no mater what their abilities and how we, as adults, need to take a step back and slowdown to enjoy these fleeting moments in our lives of watching our children grow and change so quickly. It is these parents that teach me that the one thing my children need above a clean face, a bow in their hair, another toy is my love. A hug, a moment of my time to listen to what they have to say.

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