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Every day is more amazing than yesterday

by Juliemara

I love having this blog. I love that people, family, friends, friends of family, look forward to my posts. I love sharing and showing off our sweet babies. I love that I have a place where I can share my creative projects and how to create them yourselves, for those who are interested. I love that I am able to draw from the experiences I have had raising twin babies and share those experiences with others in hopes that they can learn from them and maybe make their own lives a little easier. I love that all the grandparents who live so far away get to see bits and pieces of the girls life each day. And I love that when my babies turn a year old I will have a book made for them of all the blog posts I have written here and maybe one day they will read it and enjoy it, I hope so.

These blog posts take time, quite a bit of time, even when it’s just pictures. When I miss a day I feel bad, like I have let you down, but becoming a new mom is all about balance. There is NEVER time for everything. I sacrifice many different things to find time to write the blog, mostly sleep. But sometimes I just have to let it go and focus on other things for a few days. I never sacrifice my moments with my babies for it. I can’t, I can barley go to the store or get my nails done without feeling majorly guilty, like I am missing moments I can never get back. Everyone tells me I HAVE to take time for myself, and I know in my head I do. But in my heart the little bit of time that I get with them each day, an hour in the morning and two in the evening, is already split between the two so how can I afford to take any more time away from them, or I feel that my time WITH them is my time. So when I miss a day here or there, I apologize, but that’s part of being a new mom of twin girls, sometimes things just don’t get done. It has defiantly gotten easier to be away from them, it’s easier to be at work all day, it’s easier to sleep in on the occasional weekend morning while my husband takes care of the girls, it’s easier to get out in the afternoon to get my nails done or go to the grocery store, sometimes. While it has gotten easier to be away, it’s not fun. It’s always more fun to have them with us. They are fun, they smile and laugh. They know that when they smile we love it and so they do it to make us happy. They are curious and adventurous. They make the mundane exciting. I love the way they look at a tree or a light and are amazed, and in the last week they have started to be afraid, for Talia it was the frog bath toy holder – she’s ok with it now, but one day it just scared her really bad. Today it was Jordan when I was trying to distract her during evening fussy time I turned on the shower and the sound scared her. Although it’s sad, it’s also cute to see these new feelings in your little baby. It’s fun to watch them grow and change each day. I wish I didn’t have to miss a second of it.

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