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Who would pull a babies hair?!

by Juliemara

Saturday evening while waiting for our table at Seed in Marietta we sat on a bench outside enjoying the beautiful evening and playing with Talia and Jordan. I was holding Talia and my brother in law was holding Jordan. Everyone was enjoying themselves when Jordan reaches over, scoops up a handful of Talias hair and yanks with all her might. The look on Talias face was priceless! I m sorry to say I wasn’t able to catch it on camera but imagine a look of complete disturbance mixed in with “what the heck!” we got Jordan to release the hair quickly but it dawned on me that most babies never know what it’s like to have thier hair pulled. At least not until they are well into toddlerhood and playing on a playground with other kids. I guess there are a bunch of thing that the girls will experience as twins that other babies won’t necessarily experience-good and bad.


Every day I am amazed at how much they change and grow and discover thier world. I try with all my soul to burn the memory of the moment into my mind and heart, but without fail the next day starts and the little babies that they were seems so far away. I have always been an emotional sentimental person, having become a mother has intensified these feelings ten fold. Today at work we watched a video of a commercial that my company has placed in movie theaters in recent weeks, in a room with

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  1. Shani permalink
    May 15, 2012

    Not sure I’m buying the “innocent” Jordan schtick 😉
    I do love your monthly photos on the sidebar so we can quickly see how much they’re growing.

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