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Another example of the little geniuses

by Juliemara

Check this out! Not only are Jordan and Talia sitting up (with the help of the most useful baby item on the planet, the boppy) but they are reading their books!



And if you look closely at the words in the books you can see that they are reading in Hebrew! They’re genius babies!


I love that our girls will grow up to be bilingual. I hope that my inability to speak the language wont hold them back from learning it. I plan to find a way to learn to speak the language more fluently and we hope to have the girls in some sort of Hebrew speaking environment on a daily babies forever, if possible. And of course my husband speaks only Hebrew to them and their nanny speaks with them in Hebrew all day long. There is a great program available called Sifriyat Pajama B’America the organization sends Hebrew language books to children of Hebrew speaking families who are living in America. It’s a free program and you can sign up by clicking the link. I can read Hebrew, even if I don’t always understand it. But reading kids books is a great way to learn the basics, especially since I have a handy translator (aka my husband) close by.

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  1. Elina permalink
    May 8, 2012

    This is great. I am hoping that Zachary will be bilingual too..Our nanny speaks only Russian to him…I try as well….

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