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A video of playtime

by Juliemara

This video is from about a month ago. It was one of the first times they played in their excersaucers. It’s tricky trying to determine when yoru baby is ready for a more advanced toy, be it a play gym, a rattle, an excersaucer, a jumper, a bumbo or even a high chair ( most can be used from two months!) My suggestion, from my experience would be get the toy and have it ready sooner rather than later, let your baby try it out as soon as you feel comfortable with it. If your baby doesn’t seem happy or comfortable with the new toy wait a few days or weeks and try it again. These big ticket toys that babies only use for six months are great items to purchased used. You can buy a $60 excersuacer on Craig’s list for $15 or a $100 stand alone jumper for $30. Just look out for the newer models and for one that has only been used by one baby. Most of the plastic components can be removed and washed as can the seat, so you shouldn’t be bothered by the fact that it was used by another baby, it’s fine! Swings are another great item to buy used. Also, when choosing a swing used or new, be sure to choose one with an electrical plug option. A swing with dead batteries at 2am is pretty much a nightmare.


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