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Bloggers for Birth Kits | Reducing maternal and infant mortality

by Juliemara

I felt it was important to re-blog this post from one of my favorite mommy blogs Dear baby. Please read it and if you are inspired re-post or make a kit yourself. Thanks for taking the time to read it.
Bloggers for Birth Kits

Did you know that the maternal death rate of women in Papua New Guinea is 1 in 7? That’s a pretty shocking statistic. A mama friend of mine, Adriel, is leading the charge to collect ” clean birth kits” through an organization called Medical Ships to get life saving birth kits into the hands of women in PNG. Birth kits can play a crucial role in ensuring that every mother in the regions has access to the appropriate supplies that can keep her and her baby free of birth related infections and injuries.

So what’s in a birth kit? Really basic stuff. The sort of supplies you can pick up at any drug or home improvement store.

Things as basic as soap, gloves and a razor blade can be the difference between life and death for these women. It’s amazing that such a simple list of supplies can have a huge impact on the lives of women and families in rural Papua New Guinea.

Adriel has put out the call to women everywhere, asking for their support and aid in getting these birth kits to the women who need them most. She shares all the details on how to donate money to help them buy supplies or how to make your own kits to send over on her blog.

Our family will be contributing to this important work and I’m helping to spread the word via my blog and I hope that you will consider doing the same. Even if you are not able to contribute financially, simply reblogging this post on tumblr, tweeting or sharing a link to her blog on your facebook page or on your own blog can work wonders in helping spread the support for their mission.

As it stands today, one in seven mothers in rural Papua New Guinea will not live to know the joy of motherhood. A child will grow up without a mother… but together, we can change that. Please visit Adriel’s blog The Mommyhood Memos to learn more.



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  1. Adriel Booker permalink
    May 4, 2012

    Thanks for helping to spread the word about this! Your little ones are adorable. Happy Mothers Day to you! x

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