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Spring time Family outing

by Juliemara

Before we were married and had kids we use to love to get in the car and drive somewhere new, find a new state park to go on a hike through or stop in a country restaurant and eat what the locals eat. Since the babies arrived we have yet to take a day road trip, not because we don’t think the babies would be good, but because if you are driving in the car you can’t hold the babies and play with them. Our babies are great in the car, they usually just fall asleep, unless they are hungry, then they scream like it’s the end of the world. If we are not almost to our destination or the screaming just gets too us too much, then I can sit in the back and give them bottles as we drive along. We only do this now that they are six months old and are good at eating and breathing at the same time. Up until about 4 months they had to eat on their sides to avoid getting too much in their mouth at once and not being able to swallow and breath. See this post on how we did that. I know, it’s not smart to feed a baby while you are driving, because god forbid they do start to choke you have to get off the road before you can get them out of their car seat to get the food out. BUT, we are only feeding them formula in the car, not any solids!

It’s not any bigger of a risk than strapping a baby into a highchair and feeding them solids, to get to a choking baby out of a highchair you have to take off the try and unhook them before you can clear the food from their throat, I’m sure they will outlaw all straps in highchair eventually and make us wait until babies are sitting up completely on their own and make us feed them on the floor surrounded by padding, hehe, that would be awful. My husband, the girls nanny and my self are all infant CPR certified.

Back to my point, we still love to get out and see new things on the weekend but have found a much more relaxing way to do this with two babies in tow, local festivals. These spring time festivals are a great alternative, we get to see some art, eat fun foods and people watch in the company of friends while enjoying our babies all day long. And to top it off, babies that are exhausted from a fun day out and about sleep all night long! Our girls have slept from 8pm to at least 5:30 for the past four nights. Usually they sleep longer, until 6:30 or 7! I still feel tiered at the end of the day, but not all day long anymore. And coffee always helps.20120423-145305.jpg20120423-145316.jpg20120423-145321.jpg20120423-145326.jpg20120423-145311.jpg20120423-145331.jpg20120423-145341.jpg20120423-145336.jpg20120423-145346.jpg20120423-145353.jpg20120423-145357.jpg



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  1. Yocheved Katz permalink
    April 24, 2012

    These are the moments that bond a family together, mazal tov!

  2. Esther permalink
    April 24, 2012

    Julie. Have the worn the outfits I gave? I hope they worked for you..

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