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Having two babies is awesome…

by Juliemara

Having two babies is awesome but it has it’s challenges. I fully believe that having one baby is hard too, I just can’t imagine it. Taking care of a baby or two is easy. To change 15-20 diapers, make and feed 10-14 bottles, two baths, dressing two, tuck one in for a nap with a lovey and a pacifier then do the other one, then go back to the first to put the pacifier back in. Yes, taking care of the babies is easy, it’s trying to do anything else that’s hard. It’s hard to go anywhere normal, go to the grocery store, out to lunch with a friend, even the park. I really can’t do these things without having an extra set of hands. I’m lucky my husband lives to spend every waking moment possible with the girls too. And he is much better than me at challenging ourselves by trying to do more with the girls, like go to a nice restaurant for dinner or travel to visit a friend. I know it’s only going to get easier and it will be so much fun for Talia and Jordan to always have each other to go on the see saw together, but I can’t help be a little envious of my friends with one baby that they can throw on their hip or in a sling and go to lunch or pop into target for a few things. I guess I could do it, it just takes a lot of planning. So that’s that. Happy Friday, I hope you have a fun weekend planned, we do!






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  1. April 20, 2012

    Julie, I feel the same way so often! I took both girls to Target yesterday. I mustered the courage for a big Target trip and decided if they were tired they could nap in the stroller. I pushed the girls in the double stroller and pulled a cart alongside/behind me. This can only be done on a weekday because it takes a lot of aisle space. We made it fabulously! We got a lot of looks/comments/”better you then not me” situations! My babies were the quietest babies there, and awake/smiling the whole hour we were there. You are right. If is much more difficult to do anything with two babies than one. It always involves a stroller, and a huge bag. Love your pics of the girls! You are becoming quite the family photographer! They are beautiful!

    • April 20, 2012

      Thank you Rebecca! Your girls are also so adorable! Good for you for taking them by yourself, I hope you were able to get everything you needed without spending half your time there changing diapers and feeding! We went to a city festival last weekend and a woman said to us ” Twind, Good Luck to you.” in a sarcastic tone with her baby in her baby bijorn. It felt hurtful, but my husband helped me just brush it off and move on.

  2. Amir permalink
    April 22, 2012

    Great pictures… I mean they’re always great, but these ones are really really great. 🙂

    • April 23, 2012

      Thank you Amir! Instagram! Makes anyone feel like an artsy photographer. Make sure you check out tomorrows!

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