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Fun times and new foods

by Juliemara

When you have a baby (or two) things are constantly changing. As babies grow and learn new thing you have to adapt how you do things too. In our house some of the things we have had to change around as the babies get bigger are bottle nipples. We have gone from slow flow bottle nipples to medium flow and now to fast flow. The babies don’t tell you it’s time to change you just have to figure it out. Clothes for instance, the girls started out in newborn, moved in the three month size and are now wearing six month clothes! That one is a little easier to figure out, babies cry if you try to bend their arms into a bodysuit that is way too small. Every few months I have to go downstairs find all the clothing I have accumulated, find the next size stash, remove the tags, wash it, and organize it into their closet and dresser. While at the same time taking out all the last size, folding it neatly and storing it away for another baby one day. They have also graduated into new more advance toys, like the doorway jumper and their excersaucers. They still love all their newborn toys too because now they can reach and grab them and throw them! I pile up small toys all around them on their excersuacers just so I can watch them throw everything on the ground! We have wood floors, so I think they like the noise falling and bouncing toys make.
Another fun change we have made in our house is introducing solids to their diet. This is a funny process. You probably put food in your mouth, chew and swallow without a second thought, but believe it or not, someone, probably your mommy, taught you how to do that. It’s so funny to watch a baby learn how to move food around its mouth and eventually swallow it. It’s really messy and their faces are really cute.


We decided that we will be making most of our baby food. It’s really very easy to do, cut it, steam it, blend it, freeze it. We freeze half an ice cube tray full of each food we make and four small to go containers. There are a bunch of baby food cookbooks, blogs, and web resources that we can get recipes and tips from.


We stared with gerber organic rice cereal watered down with formula, it was really messy. They we moved on to baby organic oatmeal, also messy and the babies hated it. Next we tried ripe avocado. Winner! They love it. And it’s fun to feed babies green mush. Then we mixed in banana to the avocado, also went over well. They like banana on its own too. And finally acorn squash. Big smiles all around, after a few grimaces. Until now we have been using the bumbo seats to feed them. But we took that big leap and bought them brand new fancy 4 in 1 high chairs by graco. They were suppose to arrive today, so they will probably be here tomorrow. I’ll let you know what we think I them after we’ve tries them a few weeks.













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  1. elina permalink
    April 4, 2012

    Julie, girls are so reading ur blog..

    I also make baby food and bought some..(variety of organic puree) with food that hard to buy..later on Zachary loved puffs.. We made baby food with baby bullet. We like it and it comes with freezer and storage containers.


  2. Dad permalink
    April 4, 2012

    Do we need high chairs here? Or what do we feed them in?

    • Juliemara permalink*
      April 4, 2012

      No need. We can hold them to feed them until they can sit in the high chairs you have. Or we will bring the boosters when we drive.

  3. April 4, 2012

    How cute are your babies can’ wait to see them fri. Mom

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