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2012 March | Smiling Watermelon
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What to wear

by Juliemara

I love getting my babies dressed. They have so much clothing, especially right now because thy are in 6 month size and somehow I ended up with a mountain of 6 month clothing. There is a lot to do in the mornings it’s not eat to get two babies in clean diapers, breast fed and then bottle fed, changed again, and now that they are almost 6 months old we have started solids! Pictures to come soon. So getting a few spoons of mashed avocado has also been added to our routine. All this in an hour and half, then we lay in bed together and read a story before they drift off to sleep for their morning nap and I head off to work. Yesterday I didn’t have time to actually dress them before I left but I did pick out their outfits and our nanny sent me pictures of how cute they looked while I was at work.






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The best babies in the world

by Juliemara


I know every mom says this, but I truly believe that I ha e the best babies in the world, they are happy and smiley and giggly, they eat good, sleep good and are getting so big so fast. Sweet babies.

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Happy Birthday to my Husband

by Juliemara

Happy birthday to my sweet, hard working, caring, fun, funny and amazing as a father Husband. Thank you for spending your birthday the way you are, you are good man and I am lucky to have you as mine. Cheers to a great year past and 100 more to come. Love you and I know our little stinky pants do too!

Here’s the Birthday card I made for him on Shutterfly from the girls!

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Good bye Uncle Harry

by Juliemara

This past weekend my uncle Harry past away. He was 80 years old. He was my dads oldest brother, the oldest of five siblings.

I grew up with uncle Harry very much a part of my life. Every holiday meal was spent at his home and all summer long we spent at the lake on boats and jet skis and learning to ski. Uncle Harry was a big person in size and spirit.

He listened when you talked, was always interested in what was happening in your life, he was so loving and caring. He was such a hard worker and passionate person, he built a company that made office furniture, still does and he was an ordained Rabbi.

Uncle Harry and Aunt Joan have been married for over 50 years. They have four children and six grandchildren. Uncle Harry will be deeply missed.

In two weeks the joyous Jewish holiday Passover begins. The first two nights are celebrated with a big family dinner where we as a group tell the story of the holiday while eating ceremonial foods. Since I was born Uncle Harry was the leader of the story telling, this year it will be different and we will all feel it but we will tell the story for our children to hear, just like we are suppose to and just like he would have. It’s strange to think he won’t be there, he’s always just been there. Death is strange and sad and hard. But I’m lucky that I got to have uncle Harry in my life in such a big way and I’m happy he got to meet our girls. We will miss him.
Love you uncle Harry.


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Four things I love

by Juliemara

I love pinterest. When I need a mental break I always check to see what has been pinned recently. Today I saw this, my heart melted a little. Which led me to this new bolg, lovley. I love the internet

Here are two more things that I Really love a lot,







I Hope you are having a good week, I need to get some sleep now.

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A little tired

by Juliemara

It’s my busy time at work, so between intense workdays and meetings that last hours as well as working late and babies who want to wake up and eat or chit chat two or three times every night we are pretty tired around here. Glad it’s Wednesday.


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What a Weekend

by Juliemara


20120319-223420.jpgOh, what a weekend! I was so excited about this weekend, it may only be March, but for us it was the first weekend of Summer! It was 80+ degrees both days! The main goal, GET OUTSIDE! And we did. Saturday we went, just our family, to a park close to our house. It has a long path by the river and beautiful green grassy lawns to spread a blanket and enjoy the day. There are also grills and picnic shelters that we will be using later on in the summer and a stage for outdoor concerts. I’d like to think we will be able to go to one or two this spring and summer,but babies around here have a 7:30 bed time, so we’ll just have to see. We loaded up on the sunscreen, which is ok to use on babies under 6 months on exposed skin in small doses. Basically don’t plan on being on the beach all day for a week with a new born but a walk with no socks is ok as long as little piggys are protected. We like Neutrogena baby sunscreen spf 60. And off we were,

20120319-223305.jpgwalked along the river and while a big cloud shaded us from the sun we sat spread out our blanket and sat on the grass for about 20 minutes.


20120319-223326.jpgSaturday night was a rough night. We stayed up too late and each baby woke up twice during the night, never at the same time and on top of that they decided the middle of the night was the time to discuss all their worldly thoughts for HOURS! Sunday was a lot of fun! We successfully got the babies to take their morning nap it our bed!

20120319-223339.jpgSo cute and important! Until now our babies have only been able to fall asleep easily in their my little lamb Fischer Price swings, which are great, but the girls are getting bigger and soon will be too big for the swings, so they will have to take their naps either in their cribs or ideally, wherever we are. So it is my goal to get them use to sleeping everywhere, the floor, the car, a random bed and their crib.

Then we drove to a nearby lake and had a picnic with a whole bunch of friends. It’s interesting every time we leave the house with the babies and this was a whole new experience. We were there for about five hours, it was hot and very sunny. So we set up an umbrella and we had a big blanket. Aside from the fact that the sun kept moving and we had to keep readjusting to stay in the shade, the girls LOVED being outside and with people. They were so happy just to lay in the shade and have all of us entertain them. We tried to take them on a walk around the park but they just cried and as soon as we returned to the blanket they were as happy as could be, I guess they just wanted to be a part of the party too.



20120319-223359.jpgA few things I love about this group of friends of ours is that they appreciate good food as much as we do and have a love (bordering on obsession) for photography as a hobby. They all have kids a few years older than ours and get some really amazing pictures of them running around and being kids by putting in a little effort to get the shot. Our friend Gabi even brought one of those big silver round screen sun deflectors. Check out the pictures he took! The light is amazing.Without the sun shield with the sun shield

Without the sun shield with the sun shield

We didn’t get around to having Gabi do a family photo for us, but we are traveling to the beach this summer with the same group of friends so we will be sure to enlist his expertise for the girls first trip to the beach.

I also did something I swore I would never do as a mother, I cut the tip off my poor baby Talia’s finger while trying to trim her nails, so sad. Ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, I cut the skin just enough for it to bleed, the problem is that when a baby gets a cut it takes a while for it to clot, so it bleeds for a while, like hours. There was blood all over the place, her outfit, her lovey, her swing, it was a pretty sad sight. I was doing it so slowly so that if I did cut too much she would pull her hand away before I hurt her, but she didn’t, she never even cried. She’s totally fine now, it stopped bleeding later in the day. I think I’ll just stick with the rounded scissors, they were working fine. I tried putting a band-aid on it. But she kept putting it in her mouth.

But on a more positive note, look what Talia learned to DO! One down, One to go.

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A few favorites

by Juliemara









The top two were taken with instagram.
I’m happy it’s Friday! We are having dinner with friends tonight and the rest if the weekend is up in the air. Hopefully it will be as lovely as it was last weekend. What do you have planned for this weekend?

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A sad thing, a happy thing

by Juliemara

We have a pretty well oiled bed time routine in our house. We normally get home sometime between 5:30-6:30, play with the babies until about 6:30, then one of us gets the bath, bottles and bedroom ready. Bath- run the hot shower to steam up the bathroom then fix the water temp and level, put out the big sponge on the counter that we get them ready on, a towel over it, nose saline drops and nose sucker, diapers, wipes, lotion, aquaphor, and pjs all close by, bottles-two 4 ounce bottles in warm water in the nursery, nursery- sound machine on, window closed, curtains and shades drawn, humidifier full and on, lights dimmed. Which ever baby is the fussiest goes first, My husband does the bathing I do the drying of the first baby then take her to breastfeed, when he brings he second we switch, he gives that baby a bottle and I breastfeed the second then give her the bottle. And sometime before 7:30 they are both in their cribs.
Tonight that did not happen, I had a meeting at work that ran late and for the first time in the girls lives I did not put them to bed, I did not get to see them smile when I came home from work, I did not get to kiss them and tell them how much I love them and miss them. My husband and his father did a great job putting them to bed. It broke my heart a little that I missed that today, I wasn’t ready for that. I wanted to decide when I missed bedtime, I am sad. It’s only a day, but it is a day that will never happen again and I missed it. It makes me sad. They’ll wake up in the night and I’ll be there and they will never remember that I missed today, I’ll never forget it. Good night babies, mommy loves you.





Then at 8:10 Talia woke up and screamed her head off waking up Jordan, so I spent the next 30 minutes feeding them more and soothing hem back to sleep. I felt much better.

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5 Months

by Juliemara

5 months old! The babies are growing up so fast and getting so big. As of Monday they are five months old. Both girls are trying to roll over and with a lot of encouragement an a little help they can roll from their back to their tummy. From tummy to back is no problem, they just have to remember they can do it and they do. The giggle at funny dances, clapping or jumping. They love songs with hand motions, anything soft and fluffy, and the teething has begun. They rub their little lips together and chew on whatever they can fit in their mouth.20120314-064843.jpg20120314-064900.jpg20120314-064907.jpg20120314-064921.jpg20120314-065348.jpg20120314-065412.jpg


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