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Sleeping update

by Juliemara

Last night at 7:30 when we put the girls to bed I said to myself “lo and behold” which is the same thing the angles in the new testament said to the shepherds to announce the birth of baby Jesus, because after yesterday’s bedtime two hour crying marathon the girls fell asleep without a sound tonight! I was just that amazed! Jordan woke up about an hour later and cried for 10 minutes then when back to sleep. At around 12:30 they both woke up, I think, maybe it was just one, I was too sleepy to really remember. At this time at night we still get up to give them thier pacifiers. Well work on getting them to fall back asleep on their own next week, one thing at a time. We gave them their pacifiers 2-4 times, until 3am, when we fed them, I don’t know how many times my husband got up to give them their pacifiers, I know I got up twice, I think. Then they slept until 5:45. So while it’s not a perfect pattern yet, it’s a good start and we are confident that we will not have toddlers that bang on the door screaming while we hold it shut from the other side, like on TV.


Jordan’s diaper looks like its dirty, but I promise it’s not, it’s just a shadow.



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