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bits and peices of the blog world

by Juliemara

One of my favorite blogs Bluebird does a Friday post of stunning pictures that document bits+ pieces of her week. This week she asked her readers to comment with links to their own versions of bits + pieces. I  checked out who had commented and clicked on this link, and found this,

it’s so true and so hard to understand unless you have been there or are there now. But what I want to know is does that feeling ever change. When your child turns one, is that when it’s ok to let them be as use your time to take care of mundane tasks and not feel like you are missing out on special moments that you could be spending playing with this little child, what about when they are five or ten or eighteen and about to leave your house, isn’t it important to make sure that you spend every last second possible with them before they go while leaving the dishes for another day, I think so, but that’s a lot of dirty dishes.

My bits and pieces from the weekend,

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