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They really are great

by Juliemara

I get asked nearly every day how are the girls doing. I always reply ‘they’re really great, they’re so much fun, they’re so cute’. I feel bad I can’t provide more details on a day-to-day basis but to be honest the details of how they are doing don’t change much from day-to-day. Here is a detailed update on how they are actually doing. They are amazing, they’re such good little babies. I tell my husband every night while we’re sitting down to dinner how lucky we are. Each evening when I come home from work we play and we snuggle then at 6 o’clock we feed them their dinner, then either give them a bath or wash their hands and face, put on their pajamas, read a story, finish their bottles, wrap them up, give them a kiss and lay them in their cribs. It takes about 30 minutes of them crying and of us going back and forth checking to see if they have a burp or are they hot or hungry or have a dirty diaper or do they just want their pacifier again before they finally fall asleep for the night.

Sometime between 2 and 5 they wake up because they’re hungry. We feed them and within 30 minutes they’re back to sleep. They wake up for the morning between 630 and 7. They don’t cry much during the day, just a little bit when they’re hungry, but for the most part they’re really happy babies. They eat when it’s time to eat, play when it’s time to play and sleep when it’s time to sleep. They’re getting better and better at holding their heads up, each day they can last longer and longer on their tummies before they get frustrated and start crying. I still haven’t figured out why they don’t like to sleep on the tummies you’d think if they were tired of holding their heads up that they would just lay their head down and go to sleep, but they don’t. They like to take their naps in their swing or in their crib.




They’re also starting to learn how to grab things. Each day they get a little bit better at holding on to objects for longer periods of time and each one of them has at least a few times held a toy and brought it to their mouth and tasted it.










20120203-111825.jpg They are not colicky, they don’t spit up that much, they poop regularly, their hair is getting longer and their leg rolls are getting bigger. They really are amazing little babies
As for me I’m doing okay. As I finish up my third full week back at work I’m still waiting for it to get easier to leave them each morning and be away for so many hours. But they’re in good hands we have a fantastic nanny who takes very good care of them. See she takes us on walks!

And now that it’s Friday again I am happily looking forward to spending the weekend with my family.

Happy Friday!



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  1. LENNY permalink
    February 3, 2012

    I am just smiling at the girls and the blog.
    Grand Daddy.

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