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Who could have thought…

by Juliemara

Who could have thought that I would ever have twins, not me, not anyone I know, in fact I still feeI the need to pinch myself everyday to see if this is really my life. I ask everyday how I got so lucky. Sure it’s hectic and sometimes scary. But two babies is doable, in fact these days 1 in 30 babies is a twin. And yet somehow having our own set still puts us in a special group of parents of multiples. They may be 2 in 60 but to me and most of the people that see them when we are out they are interesting and fascinating and only because they are two. Many of these people smile to me as I’m sure they do to anyone with a newborn, some come to take a closer look and others ask the questions/make comments, here is a very amusing blog post that was written about these questions/comments that are so frequently asked to those toting around twins. I think most of what I feel on a day to day basis as a new mom are the same feelings any new mom feels weather she has one baby or six! The gut wrenching feeling you get when your baby cries, the tightness in your throught when you hear the first eah, eah, knowing that sound can turn in to a full blown scream fest in seconds, or the anxiousness every time you leave the house, with or without the babies. The difference is that when you have two babies everything takes twice as long. If I head out for an errand and one baby gets hungry, unless I can get home ASAP, I can expect to spend the next hour and half of my life feeding, burping, and changing babies be it in a restaurant or store or even the car. We still force ourselves to get out with the babies, it keeps us sane, it’s good for them and every time we go out its a learning experience and makes the next time just that much easier. Those who have barbed this path before us say it gets easier, after six months, after a year, when they turn three… Then there are those people who tell the truth, it never gets easier, with each new stage comes a new set of challenges and then they go away to college and you just have to hope you did a good job. I don’t know if I will ever throw my hands up and say I give or call 911 threatening to kill my children, right now in these days that I get to hug and kiss amazing baby arms, legs, necks and faces. I can’t imagine it because these last few months of my life have been such a pleasure. I can’t wait for morning to come so I can play with them again.


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