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A new beginning

by Juliemara

It was a busy but fun weekend. My mom had been with me for 10 days to help with the babies when I went back to work and my husband was away on a work trip, My Dad came to visit as did my best friend. My husband came home Sunday. And Monday morning my parents left, my best friend caught her plane home and our nanny started. The nanny is great, she speaks Hebrew and will speak it to the girls, she’s so nice and really great with the babies, and I’m a little jealous of her. She gets to stay home and play with the babies all day while I go to work, sigh. It’s better for them, I may have already said this but I’m so tired I can’t remember anything, I think the waking up at night is catching up to me, I should probably be trying to go to sleep earlier, it’s better for them because they have someone who is 100% dedicated to playing and caring for them all day. If I were home I would be so stressed to create, organize and cook it probably wouldn’t be fair to them anyway, or at least that’s what I am trying to make myself believe.


I just love them so much.

I heard a quote, that now I know is true.
“having kids is deciding to have your heart walking around outside your body”

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  1. January 24, 2012

    I think we tell ourselves whatever we have to, to help us get by. And then it slowly gets easier, and we really start to believe that being without our children is better for them. And that’s okay, because I think as long as we believe it, it truly is best.

    And it’s okay to forget once in a while and wish things were otherwise. 🙂

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