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Daddy’s girls | Smiling Watermelon
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Daddy’s girls

by Juliemara

20120112-123152.jpgLittle girls love thier daddys, this I know from experience, and our little ladies are no exception. They watch their Abba, from the minute he comes home from work until the minute thy close their eyes To sleep, they watch him, smile at him, and every time it makes him melt. The girls love to snuggle on the couch with him and watch a silly movie. He’s such a good daddy, he can calm the girls with a whisper, they laugh and smile when he changes thier diapers, he is the master of bath time for our little swimmers and he is amazing when it come to feeding time. He sits by my side as I breast feed them, maybe for the view but he’s also a great burper, and every time the burp comes out he is the hero. Between burping babies an changing poopy diapers mid feed combined with the fact that the girls finish in about 10 minutes I keep him pretty busy, and he still manages to find time to make the top off bottles for after. He gets my vote for dad of the year!20120112-123230.jpg20120112-123239.jpg20120112-123249.jpg20120112-123254.jpg20120112-123314.jpg20120112-123319.jpg20120112-123325.jpg20120112-123336.jpg20120112-123346.jpg20120112-123351.jpg20120112-123400.jpg






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