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Numbered days

by Juliemara

I’m really trying not to dwell on the fact that two days from now I will leave my precious babies in the morning and only come back to them in the evening. I will not be he one reading them their books, turning on their star, making sure they do a minimum of 30 minutes of tummy time and changing 15 to 20 diapers, these are things that I am trying NOT to think about, but I am failing miserably. I’m no good at pretending tomorrow dosent exist, I’m much better at making today as best as it can be because I know that tomorrow is coming. So for our second to last day together we left the mess that is our house and went to our friend Livias house to relax and just be, we read, we ate, we played, we napped and we walked and that is all we did, and it was a great day.






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  1. ally permalink
    January 11, 2012

    Ah… Enjoy these last few days till you head back to work! My twins are due on Monday, and already the thought of having to leave them with a nanny in a little under four months breaks my heart!
    Good luck and I’m sure all will go smoothly.

    • January 16, 2012

      Are they here? Boys or girls? Weights? Good luck, you’ll be a great mommy!

      • ally permalink
        January 25, 2012

        Thanks! Yes, Dominic (1.6 kgs) and Annabelle (1.9 kgs) were born on 16 Jan, at 34 weeks! We’re so proud of our little son and daughter who are progressing so well, although still in NICU. We’re wonderfully blessed!

  2. January 26, 2012

    Congratulations! Please let me know where I can see pictures when you have! I’ll be thinking about you and your family, I know it must be hard to not have them with you but hold them skin to skin as much as you can it will benefit all of you!

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