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2012 January | Smiling Watermelon
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look how big we got

by Juliemara

Our first week

Same blanket, 15 weeks later

we look a lot more alike too

Jordan on left, Talia on right

Talia in front, Jordan in back

Talia on left, Jordan on right

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monday again!?

by Juliemara

we had such a fun weekend. It was just us this weekend hanging out at home as a family, It was beautiful weather, we went on walks in our new double wide, we did some things around the house, dealt with a water heater crisis, went out for dinner and it was still light out when we left and ate lots of food with freinds. And my husband got to watch a whole movie! (in three separate sittings)

















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A video

by Juliemara

I savor the mornings with our babies, those two or three preciouse hours from when they wake up to when I have to leave make up my favorite part of the day. When we are really lucky abba gets to go in a bit late and spend those hours with us, so we can play as a family. The girls love watching him as he discovers their new toys for the first time.

I’m pretty excited that it’s Friday and plan on having a great weekend. I hope you do too.

Happy Friday!

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Twins are twice as funny

by Juliemara

Just want to share a funny video a co worker found on yahoo. Babies are funny, twins are twice as funny! Hope I am lucky enough to capture funny moments like this on video of our girls one day day the road.


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Who could have thought…

by Juliemara

Who could have thought that I would ever have twins, not me, not anyone I know, in fact I still feeI the need to pinch myself everyday to see if this is really my life. I ask everyday how I got so lucky. Sure it’s hectic and sometimes scary. But two babies is doable, in fact these days 1 in 30 babies is a twin. And yet somehow having our own set still puts us in a special group of parents of multiples. They may be 2 in 60 but to me and most of the people that see them when we are out they are interesting and fascinating and only because they are two. Many of these people smile to me as I’m sure they do to anyone with a newborn, some come to take a closer look and others ask the questions/make comments, here is a very amusing blog post that was written about these questions/comments that are so frequently asked to those toting around twins. I think most of what I feel on a day to day basis as a new mom are the same feelings any new mom feels weather she has one baby or six! The gut wrenching feeling you get when your baby cries, the tightness in your throught when you hear the first eah, eah, knowing that sound can turn in to a full blown scream fest in seconds, or the anxiousness every time you leave the house, with or without the babies. The difference is that when you have two babies everything takes twice as long. If I head out for an errand and one baby gets hungry, unless I can get home ASAP, I can expect to spend the next hour and half of my life feeding, burping, and changing babies be it in a restaurant or store or even the car. We still force ourselves to get out with the babies, it keeps us sane, it’s good for them and every time we go out its a learning experience and makes the next time just that much easier. Those who have barbed this path before us say it gets easier, after six months, after a year, when they turn three… Then there are those people who tell the truth, it never gets easier, with each new stage comes a new set of challenges and then they go away to college and you just have to hope you did a good job. I don’t know if I will ever throw my hands up and say I give or call 911 threatening to kill my children, right now in these days that I get to hug and kiss amazing baby arms, legs, necks and faces. I can’t imagine it because these last few months of my life have been such a pleasure. I can’t wait for morning to come so I can play with them again.


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A new beginning

by Juliemara

It was a busy but fun weekend. My mom had been with me for 10 days to help with the babies when I went back to work and my husband was away on a work trip, My Dad came to visit as did my best friend. My husband came home Sunday. And Monday morning my parents left, my best friend caught her plane home and our nanny started. The nanny is great, she speaks Hebrew and will speak it to the girls, she’s so nice and really great with the babies, and I’m a little jealous of her. She gets to stay home and play with the babies all day while I go to work, sigh. It’s better for them, I may have already said this but I’m so tired I can’t remember anything, I think the waking up at night is catching up to me, I should probably be trying to go to sleep earlier, it’s better for them because they have someone who is 100% dedicated to playing and caring for them all day. If I were home I would be so stressed to create, organize and cook it probably wouldn’t be fair to them anyway, or at least that’s what I am trying to make myself believe.


I just love them so much.

I heard a quote, that now I know is true.
“having kids is deciding to have your heart walking around outside your body”

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Some apps do make the world a better place…

by Juliemara

Some apps do make the world a better place, like instagram. If you have an iPhone and you don’t have and use instagram then you are missing out. Its a photo editing and sharing app. You take a photo through the app or upload a photo from your photo library then use the app to put different filters (or color effects) on your photos that make them look professional and vintage. Here are some of my favorite instagram creations of my little love bugs.


















Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

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Mom and baby craft project

by Juliemara

It’s cold outside, no surprise there, here in the northern hemisphere it’s winter. And as much as I love naked babies and hugging and kissing their super baby soft skin, I have to keep them pretty well covered so they stay warm, their hands and feet stay cold no mater what I do, but that’s actually ok, as long as a baby’s head and core are warm then they are ok. One pieces are great, especially the ones with the feet, but they are not the most stylish of ensembles. And pants over a long sleeve onesie is a nice look but kind of a pain when it comes to 10 (or 20) diaper changes in a day. Enter a great idea- BABY LEG-WARMERS! Not my idea but a great one! There is a company out there called Babylegs that sells over embellished baby leg warmer styles for $14 a pair (please remember I need two of everything), and there are quite a few crafters out there who made their own and are selling them in various Etsy shops for $7-$14. Better, but wait, I know how to sew! So I found this blog, with step by step instructions on how to create homemade baby leg-warmers. And after a quick trip to target a clearance priced purchase and 15 minutes later (not including the hour and half of coaxing baby Jordan back to sleep. She went to sleep at 7:30 then woke up at 8 cried, pooped, ate, slept in my arms, then cried some more, ate more, and pooped more and finally fell back asleep.) I have two pairs of infant sized leg-warmers!
These are going to be great for babies learning to crawl.



















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To Nana and Granddaddys house we go

by Juliemara

I had these grand ideas of what maternity leave would be like, with all that time off work we could travel, go on a relaxing vacation to some tropical location or maybe a long weekend in the mountains. Well that didn’t happen, between my slow recovery, my husbands crazy busy end of year at work and TWO infants to take care of, we didn’t really even leave the house, let alone the state, for the first two months. But over the New Years weekend, with careful planning and a week of organizing and packing, we hopped in our mini van and headed to North Carolina to visit my parents and show off our new special people to all our family and friends in my hometown.

20120113-124051.jpgThe typical 5 1/2 hour drive took 7 1/2 which was making good time and the girls did amazing in the car, they slept most of the time and I sat in the back with them and read books while they were awake. Here’s Talia with her “are we there yet?” look.

It was a lot of fun being at Nana and Grandaddy’s house. Since there were none of those regular house hold chores to worry about like we would if we were at our own home we were able to relax and just enjoy our time with Nana and Grandaddy and aunt Mindy an soon to be uncle Bryan!
Jordan relaxing

It was also nice to have extra hands for holding, watching, changing, feeding, and playing with babies.







The girls also got to try out some different swings which were loaned to us them by Nanas good friends! Thank You! They were a life saver.

20120117-152137.jpgNana and Grandaddy also threw a party for the girls so all their friends could meet their newest grand babies. This was the girls first party and they loved it, they slept through the whole thing!
The trip back took a little longer but we had a great time and hope to spend many more weekends in North Carolina in the years to come.



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they are just too much fun

by Juliemara

I’m sure there are people out there that think I’m little nuts, I know my husband does, but if being crazy over your kids is wrong then I’m ok with being wrong! It’s just too much fun too dress them up and take cute photos. They make the funnies faces, they have the best smiles and they look like little angles when they are sleeping and I have made it my personal mission to capture as many of these little faces as I can before they go and grow even more.


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