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Every Friday

by Juliemara

Fridays are a special time in our house, not just because it’s the start of the weekend but because it’s the start of the day of rest. What that means is different for each family, but for ours it means a big dinner, be it with family or with friends, there is always a lot of yummy food and deserts. It means lighting the candles and welcoming this day of rest and relaxation and maybe a fun outing too. It means that we start dinner with prayers and a song, and now that the girls are a part of our lives it also means that each week before Shabbat dinner my husband and I get to bless our girls with a special blessing just for children from their parents, asking that they grow to be strong and independent and to one day have families of their own who will look forward to gathering around the Shabbat table.
The girls first Shabbat with family was a big event, and by big I mean there were a lot of people and cousins! And they finally got to wear their super cute Zara baby dresses that Safta gave them!








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