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A special time of their lives…

by Juliemara

It’s a special time of their lives when we know that they know that their every need will be taken care of. They cry only for what they need, they want for nothing yet. And when they are full and clean and burped they lay on our chest and look up at us, with big smiles and bigger eyes as if they are saying this is fun, this is exactly what I want to be doing right now, and we say back, us too sweet baby, us too. Eventually their heads get heavy and they lay them down and fall asleep. We kiss their heads, breath their wonderful baby scent, and feel their soft new hairs on our lips, and wish in vain that they would stay his way forever and at the same time having all the hope in the world that they will grow up and be strong, and smart, and happy. It may not have been our holiday that allowed us these past few days together but it was the most meaningful Christmas day of my life.



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