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by Juliemara

First bit-I have learned the hard way over the past two and a half months that pulling out the ruffle is an important step in diaper changing, it the last line of defense for poop from the outside world. I think even more important when you have twins, because while it’s fun to change babies clothing to a different outfit mid-day, every wardrobe change takes time, and time is something no parent of multiples can take for granted. So next time you are lending a hand with a diaper change be sure to take that final step and pull out the ruffle. Talia is our model for this twin tip.

You can be sure baby will stay happy, even through the next dirty diaper.

Second bit-Talia and abba spent some quality time together snuggling


Eventually she fell asleep, she loves her pacifier, so much that even after she falls asleep she continues to suck on it, even though it’s not there.

Third bit-I finally got a throw pillow for the loveseat in the nursery.




20111222-213211.jpg I have had a hardtime finding pillows in just the right colors and style for the nursery. I found this one from fongstudio on etsy. When I ordered it I didn’t pay attention to the fact that it would be coming from Malaysia, and since I have an amazon prime membership, which gets me free two day shipping on most things from amazon (thrifty alert!) that I get for free because I signed up for amazon mom and get diapers delivered regularly using subscribe and save, I am not use to orders talking more than a week to arrive. So when it was taking longer than I expected it to I contacted etsy to see what was going on. I quickly got a response from the seller that the package is on its way in the stated amount of time, but unfortunately she gets some sort of demerit from etsy for a bad report. I wrote her back to apologize but I’m not sure it helps her shop. So if you are in the market for a pillow or need a unique gift for someone please visit her shop and support her. It won’t be here this year according to her shop policies, but maybe you know someone with a February birthday or someone in chi omega sorority, or just an owl lover?! Happy shopping.

Fourth bit- I made brownies.


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