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two babies

by Juliemara

Today I had two babies, OK, I have two babies everyday. But today I had a happy baby and a fussy baby. I wonder if one day I’ll be able to say to one baby, “please explain to your sister why everything is ok and there is no need to cry” and have it work. I think this is more my issue than theirs. Babies cry, I just feel bad when they cry because they are waiting for me.



Sorry for the R rated post, not much I can so to get around the cleavage these days, I’m not a fan of turtlenecks.

TGIF (almost)!

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  1. Marnie Katz permalink
    December 8, 2011

    Julie-enjoy it while you can. One day soon
    Your girls will be comforting each other as
    My girls do. At age 7 some days they are
    Like little grown ups.

  2. Tracey permalink
    December 8, 2011

    Which one was crying? Love, Elizabeth

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