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Learn something new everyday

by Juliemara

This whole breastfeeding thing is kind is mind boggling. I mean, I thought I had a good guess of how much our babies were eating from me based on how much they would eat from a bottle, but what about those who dont use bottles, the only way to know if your baby is getting enough to eat is if they are gaining enough weight, but dr visits only happen once a month, it’s all a bit stressful if you ask me. So to ease my stress I went to visit the lactation consultant at the hospital. Each baby was weighed, then fed, then weighed again, and low and behold the babies are eating approximately 3 ounces from me. Of course it will vary feeding to feeding, but we did this twice and 3 seems to be an accurate average, so I’m happy.

I did get some helpful tips from her as well, tips I wish I had gotten five weeks ago! Did you know that there is an actual amount that babies should be eating each day which divided by the number of feedings gives you the amount that they should eat per feeding. For example, a 9 lb baby should be eating 24ozs a day, divide by 7 feeding = 3.4ozs per feeding! Well that was easy. And another great tip I got was to feed a baby with a bottle while they are lying on their side. This way the baby doesn’t gag when it needs to take a breath because milk is getting poured down their throught. Makes sense, and our girls seam to like eating like that.

Old way

The new way


20111205-214155.jpgJordan is with Abba, Talia us with me.

20111205-214204.jpgCan’t tell


In case you are curious about the red tint to some of he photos, yes we have a red light bulb in the lamp over the couch in the nursery. My husband says it’s easier on the eyes than a standard bulb, I’m not sure I’m sold on it since the girls just stare at it anyway but they do go to sleep so the red bulb stays, for now.

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