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2011 December | Smiling Watermelon
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The life of the party

by Juliemara

We are out to lunch at the new Mediterranean restaurant with the family. The girls are loving it.



Have a happy new year celebration and cheers to a great year ahead. Thank you all for reading my blog, so much more to come!


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Every Friday

by Juliemara

Fridays are a special time in our house, not just because it’s the start of the weekend but because it’s the start of the day of rest. What that means is different for each family, but for ours it means a big dinner, be it with family or with friends, there is always a lot of yummy food and deserts. It means lighting the candles and welcoming this day of rest and relaxation and maybe a fun outing too. It means that we start dinner with prayers and a song, and now that the girls are a part of our lives it also means that each week before Shabbat dinner my husband and I get to bless our girls with a special blessing just for children from their parents, asking that they grow to be strong and independent and to one day have families of their own who will look forward to gathering around the Shabbat table.
The girls first Shabbat with family was a big event, and by big I mean there were a lot of people and cousins! And they finally got to wear their super cute Zara baby dresses that Safta gave them!








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They came out with a light dusting of the softest hair you ever kissed…

by Juliemara

They came out with a light dusting of the softest hair you ever kissed.



20111229-115403.jpgThey loved getting their hair washed from the beginning.


20111229-115549.jpgI used to just kiss the tops of their little heads constantly because it was like kissing the softest cashmere mixed with the finest mouse. I night I even dreamt about kissing their heads and feeling their hair on my lips.

20111229-115236.jpgWithin three weeks this super soft mostly straight hair began to fall out,




20111229-115914.jpgand soon they looked a bit like granddaddy with hair only on the back of their head.


20111229-120331.jpgBut to our amazement and delight, soon enough, new hair started to grow, this time straight up. And now they each have a half inch long buzz cut!



20111229-120818.jpgI still kiss their little heads as often as I can, but this new hair tickles my lips and always makes me smile. Because it is growing up it makes me think it’s curly hair, which makes sense since both my husband and I have dark curly hair. I had no hair until I was three years old my husband was born with perfectly styled tresses. I guess our girls got a happy medium.

Oh, and look what else we can do!


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Home videos

by Juliemara

First things first-
I would like to wish my sister in law Doda Cilla a very happy birhday! Mazal Tov! We hope you have a great day.

I love taking little videos of the girls just doing what we do. I’m going to give you fair warning, if you are not amused or entertained by my children in the first 15 seconds of each video then you won’t be amused at all, there is no amazing ending or funny blooper, they are just short excerpts of our days and of babies being babies, which I personally find super cute an very amusing. Enjoy!

The girls are getting better at holding their heads up. The teddy bear helps them stay elevated which makes it less frustrating as well as keeps them from rolling on to their backs and trying to get out of tummy time.

After each day time feeding the girls lay on their baby Einstein play gym and, well, play. They are fascinated by the star at the top of the arch that lights up while playing music for them.

More play gym time, Talia (on the right) was making funny faces and sticking her tongue out, she spit up a bunch a few minutes later.

And look what we did for the first time today!



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A special time of their lives…

by Juliemara

It’s a special time of their lives when we know that they know that their every need will be taken care of. They cry only for what they need, they want for nothing yet. And when they are full and clean and burped they lay on our chest and look up at us, with big smiles and bigger eyes as if they are saying this is fun, this is exactly what I want to be doing right now, and we say back, us too sweet baby, us too. Eventually their heads get heavy and they lay them down and fall asleep. We kiss their heads, breath their wonderful baby scent, and feel their soft new hairs on our lips, and wish in vain that they would stay his way forever and at the same time having all the hope in the world that they will grow up and be strong, and smart, and happy. It may not have been our holiday that allowed us these past few days together but it was the most meaningful Christmas day of my life.



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Reindeer Spoting

by Juliemara

When we moved to our new home this past summer we had no idea how much fun it would be, even though it’s just over the river it feels like a mountain retreat most of the time, sure getting home during rush hour can be a nightmare but once home it’s worth the wait. One of the most fun things we have discovered about our new home is that we share our land with a family of reindeer!




Haha, just kidding, that’s Talia and Jordan dressed up like reindeer and wishing all of you a Happy Christmas Day, celebrating the holiday or just enjoying a nice winter Sunday.

Here are the actual reindeer, ok, they’re not really reindeer, they are just regular deer, but it was still cool to see them in our yard.




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by Juliemara

First bit-I have learned the hard way over the past two and a half months that pulling out the ruffle is an important step in diaper changing, it the last line of defense for poop from the outside world. I think even more important when you have twins, because while it’s fun to change babies clothing to a different outfit mid-day, every wardrobe change takes time, and time is something no parent of multiples can take for granted. So next time you are lending a hand with a diaper change be sure to take that final step and pull out the ruffle. Talia is our model for this twin tip.

You can be sure baby will stay happy, even through the next dirty diaper.

Second bit-Talia and abba spent some quality time together snuggling


Eventually she fell asleep, she loves her pacifier, so much that even after she falls asleep she continues to suck on it, even though it’s not there.

Third bit-I finally got a throw pillow for the loveseat in the nursery.




20111222-213211.jpg I have had a hardtime finding pillows in just the right colors and style for the nursery. I found this one from fongstudio on etsy. When I ordered it I didn’t pay attention to the fact that it would be coming from Malaysia, and since I have an amazon prime membership, which gets me free two day shipping on most things from amazon (thrifty alert!) that I get for free because I signed up for amazon mom and get diapers delivered regularly using subscribe and save, I am not use to orders talking more than a week to arrive. So when it was taking longer than I expected it to I contacted etsy to see what was going on. I quickly got a response from the seller that the package is on its way in the stated amount of time, but unfortunately she gets some sort of demerit from etsy for a bad report. I wrote her back to apologize but I’m not sure it helps her shop. So if you are in the market for a pillow or need a unique gift for someone please visit her shop and support her. It won’t be here this year according to her shop policies, but maybe you know someone with a February birthday or someone in chi omega sorority, or just an owl lover?! Happy shopping.

Fourth bit- I made brownies.


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Gather ’round the table there’s latkes to eat

by Juliemara

Tonight will be the third candle of channukka, we have spent nights one and two with family for dinner and candle lighting. Channukka is the girls favorite holiday, How can the girls have a favorite holiday? because it is the festival of lights and they love lights! They just stare at them, at night they stare at the red night light, during the day they stare at their chandelier or the tv.












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Good Morning

by Juliemara

I love mornings with the girls at home. We ha e setteld into a great little routine that includes playtime on the play gym mat since the girls nearing three months are becoming more aware of the interesting things around them and are amused by the lights and sounds that some of the toys make. After an hour or so of play time and some tummy time they poop out for thier nap until its time to eat again.













Check out the video of their swings on YouTube.

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Tre Magnifique!

by Juliemara

Believe it or not the girls do have a few outfits that are not from Carter’s, like this fancy French ensemble thanks to Safta. They are like little princesses in these fancy Petit Bateau outfits.






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