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We said goodbye to Pachelle

by Juliemara

For the first two weeks after we came home from the hospital we were fortunate enough to have enjoyed the gift of a baby nurse from our parents. Pachelle arrived the evening we came home from the hospital and Sunday she left us.

I knew all along how helpful it was to have a baby nurse help out during those firsts few weeks from watching friends and family members bring home a baby or two, but not at the same time. But I never could have imagined how helpful she actually was. Pachelle tought us how to care for our newborns in a classic easy way that works with our life. She was a voice of reason and reality, and of hope, that we CAN do this. “Twins aren’t easy.” she would tell us, but there are two of us and I am lucky to have a husband who is so hands on with them, this I knew would be the case, it’s one of the reasons I married him. Pachelle may not have written any books on how to take care babies, although she is working on one about relationships, or have a medical degree in nursing, but she has 24 years of experience in taking care of twins, the first set were her own.

Pachelle was such a pleasure to have in our home, she brought a sense of calm to what could have been a very chaotic start to our new life. She set up and organized our new baby home and kept it organized while she was here, she would neaten up each room as we moved from one to the next with the babies. Pachelle had a way of making everything she touched beautiful. Like the way she tucked in the girls thier first night home.
And now the two weeks are over, she has gone to another family to help them welcome thier new baby. It’s just the five of us now, Safta is here to stay for some time, more on her later.

I just wanted to say, Thank you Pachelle, from my husband, our girls and myself, for teaching us all that you did.






Some of Pachelles amazing organizing!





FYI-the girls no longer share a crib, that didn't even last a week. They can cry at the top of their lungs and not wake each other, but a soon as the move and feel each other it's a party in the crib, so separate cribs it is. Talia on he left, Jordan on the right, for now at least.


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4 Responses leave one →
  1. Dad permalink
    November 4, 2011

    That my girl, neat and organized. ‘DAD

  2. Amir permalink
    November 5, 2011

    Julie, we didn’t talk since the babies were born, and we haven’t congratulated you yet, but just wanted to say that I read the blog and we think about you guys constantly. You know that Yasha is a real close brother and soul to me, so that makes me the uncle. The blog is fantastic, thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Marnie Wolfe Katz permalink
    November 11, 2011

    We used Pachelle too. She is a dream and she started us off on the right foot with our twin girls. I dont think we would have gotten through those first couple of weeks without her.

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