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2011 November | Smiling Watermelon
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Silent in the morning

by Juliemara

The other morning after the 6am feed we put the girls in the swings to fall back asleep and I slept on the couch. I took this picture before I fell asleep, it was quiet, everyone was happy, the sun was coming up and the light in the room was so soothing. I love mornings like this.


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The pacifier controversy

by Juliemara

There is some controversy out there about how and when and if a pacifier should be used for soothing an infant. Some say that if the baby is sucking then they are not talking, or that it causes orthodontic problems later on, or it’s a bandaid on a broken bone. All I know is that while I had mixed feelings about this peace making little piece of plastic, it’s working for us, day and night, even as it falls out and the whimpers start again, we persist, putting the pacifier back in place for the fifthteenth time, hoping this will be the time that is sticks until that baby is fast asleep. I even broke down and bought the wubanubs, a soothie pacifier attached to a tiny stuffed animal that is supposed to help hold the pacifier in place. We agreed to use this one only during the day for those of you who might have been concerned about us letting our babies sleep with a stuffed animal on their face.









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They’re so cute when they’re sleeping.

by Juliemara

I hate that old joke when someone says their kids are cute when they are sleeping, it’s mean. But is it? my kids are really cute when they are sleeping. Their little faces are relaxed, their little lips fall apart jut a bit and their arms flop behind their head or their hands fold in some very proper pose that you know they didn’t do on purpose. It’s true what they say, you can stare at your kids endlessly and never get bored, sleeping or not.







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Ready to go ( on Safari)!

by Juliemara


We don’t go many places still but we did manage to get the whole family in the car for a short little outing. And we stayed nice and warm in our new fleece hooded one pieces!

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The first of many

by Juliemara

Yesterday was the first day my husband and I and the girls were home all alone together. It was actually kind if nice. Hectic, yes. Nothing much got done, but it was Thanksgiving, not a day for chores, laundry and remodeling projects can wait. We did take our first holiday family photo, I look forward to many more like this for all the years to come.








And one more thing I am thankful for,

I got my face back.

The facial paralysis on the right side of my face caused by the Bells Palsy virus has improved almost 100%. The paralysis started the day after we came home from he hospital and started to improve about four weeks later. I took the prescribed prednisone pack starting day one and a recommended valtrex course starting day three. I also did face exercise and massage several times a day, but it wasn’t until I read that vitamin B-12 can help clear up the symptoms and started taking a daily supplement that I noticed any improvement. Maybe it was a coincidence, but I don’t care I’m just glad I can smile at our girls.


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Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

by Juliemara

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families. I love thanksgiving, it’s probably my favorite holiday. It’s about being an American, being thankful for all that you have, enjoying your family and friends company and eating yummy food. What’s not to like?!

This years thanksgiving celebration is a little bittersweet for me, you see I’m not with my mom, dad, sisters, nieces, nephew, aunts, uncles and cousins like I have been on this holiday for the past 32 years, no this years what I do have is my husband and our two children celebrating at our new home. That is a whole heart full to be thankful for! We decided not to go with the family to the lake for the long weekend because exposing the girls so young to so many people and children in close quarters just isn’t a risk we are willing to take right now. So while we miss our family, we are doing what we know is best for our new little family.

I have been trying to find the words to say why I am thankful for the the things and people in my life but it’s not easy. I can say thank you all day long to the family who has come to help and support us over the last six crazy weeks, but it doesn’t even begin to show our gratitude. And then there are the girls, I mean really, we would have been as grateful as humanly possible to have a new baby and here we are with two. Every day, a hundred times a day, when I am holding a baby I think to myself or sometimes say out loud how amazing it is that I have such a beautiful, perfect, amazing little baby-then I remember I have a whole other one, who is just as beautiful, perfect and amazing. And again, I ask myself the same question I have asked for the past 9 months, “how did we get two babies?” its an answer I’ll never get, but a question I will always be thankful to ask.

So, what does one do to occupy time (Ha, as if I need to find a way to fill time), a CRAFT PROJECT! I turned my little baby girls into little Indians. Just like the native American Indians welcome the new settlers to their land our little girls will soon welcome friends and family to their world.





Trying to take decent photos of babies is no easy task, each time I try to create a cute baby scene I am once again impressed by professional baby photographers and how they manage to get such sweet pictures of infants. My girls were not exactly thrilled with this set up, hence the face plugs. But we will keep trying : )

Happy Thanksgiving

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6 weeks!

by Juliemara

Today Talia and Jordan are six weeks old! A month and a half already?! They are growing up so fast and we are having such a great time getting to know each other. I wanted to take a picture of the girls in the same setting each month so that we can really see how much they are changing and growing, but it has taken me six weeks to choose the setting for that photo, so here it is…

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Baby’s First Massage!

by Juliemara

I read this great article online about how baby massages are all the rage and can relax and calm a baby, so of course we had to try it for our girls.






Hahahaha. Just kidding! My sisters gave me a massage for my birthday, so my friend Tova at Atlanta Mobile Massage came over to give me a massage and I just thought a baby massage would be so cute, because isn’t everything with babies cute! We actually do give our babies mini massages with baby lotion every bath night but they still hate it and scream the whole time.


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Little parts

by Juliemara

for sabba

Even as they grow I can’t get over how tiny our little babies are. Their little faces are so sweet, their little expressions seem to say so much. Their fingers are so tiny and smooth they look like plastic, their little lips look as if they were painted red. Their little feet are so fun to tickle and their little ears are so soft. They have a little hair that I love to kiss and their little smell should be bottled and sold (according to their adoring father).









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by Juliemara

I got some questions as to how I got both babies down for their nap so early, I think it was luck. They both fell asleep while eating and even after I wrapped them and put them in their cribs they stayed that way. They sleep really well during the day, while at night they want dint want to stay awake long enough to get full so then they wake up 20 mins later hungry, then they are full and wide awake!


Babies down for their nap!

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