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What’s the best angle?

by Juliemara

I think I may have the most distinguishable identical twins ever born. At least once a day, abba(daddy), Safta (grandma) or another family member that happens to stop by says, “today they really look alike”, but mommy (me) just doesn’t see it. What do you think?



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  1. Tracey permalink
    October 28, 2011

    They look SSOOOO much alike to me. For now, size is the only distinguishable trait. I’m sure each girl will have their own unique personalities and style. But for now I’m counting on you to tell me who is who!!

  2. Dad permalink
    October 28, 2011

    They look alike, but they are different. Just like my three girls look like sisters , but different.

  3. Brett permalink
    October 28, 2011

    Congratulations Julie. They are beautiful!!!
    Love, Brett

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