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A very special visitor

by Juliemara

Guess who the babies met today?? Aunt Mindy! My sister drove all the way from North Carolina to see us, meet her new nieces and see her other nieces and nephew too, of course! Aunt Mindy was such a big help, she changed about 10 diapers, and feed babies several times. She ran errands for me and made sure I was drinking my water. Today my hip hurt really bad so walking around the house was slower than it has been for the past few days. I did manage to get downstairs and got to check out the basement Reno that is still in progress, more on that later. Other than that Saturday came and went without much to say, just another day at home with the cuties!20111023-081409.jpg

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  1. Esther permalink
    October 23, 2011

    Mindy, you look like a natural!! Julie, having had 3 C-sections iwth the old up & down will take time to feel better..

  2. susan Nehmen permalink
    October 23, 2011

    sisters are the BEST!!

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