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Ultrasound Update

by Juliemara

The babies are getting so big that the ultra sound techs don’t even bother giving me pictures anymore, so I don’t have any from my last appointment which I was 31 weeks and 4 days on Sept 7th. But I can tell you that the babies are growing strong. Baby a in the right corner (my right) is weighing in at 4lbs 3oz and baby b in the left corner (my left) is weighing in a 4lbs 8oz. These little ladies are about the size of a Cantaloup! Yum. Of course the weights are estimations that could be off by about 10%, but considering I still have 4-5 more weeks of growing babies to do, I think they will be big twins. My husband and I were each 9lbs or more! Thanks Moms for growing us big and strong!

Hopefully I will get a picture of a foot or an ear at out next scan to share.

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