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Babies room progress

by Juliemara

Hey, teachers out there, am I spelling Babies room correctly? Or is it suppose to be Baby’s room?

Anyway, we made some progress, Check it out..

So, we built the cribs, and even though they do have wheels we still have to commit to a room layout at some point.

I think this takes up too much wall space,

and this is too hospital baby ward,

this could work, as long as the dresser/changing table fits.

But the votes are in and the final decision is…

The dresser! Another craigslist find. We had it painted white and spray painted the brass pulls with fuchsia pink.

Total cost $73.

Then we attached the changing pad.

It gets drilled into the back of the dresser so its really safe foir the little ones.

I need to clear up a little confusion on one of my decorating decisions. I did not get rid of this really ugly fan

For a brass chandelier, it’s the lighting,

it’s brushed nickle and it’s really cute super bargain under $100 and the shades were only about $5 each

Then my sweet husband hung the book shelves for the reading nook, which soon will have a nice rocking chair and eventually will be a little play area for the girls.

And last we put together the couch in a box. I didn’t get a picture of the couch IN the box because after walking Ikea for four hours on labor day Monday the last thing I was thinking about doing was taking pictures, but here’s the result.

It needs some steaming out, but that will have to wait.

Look out for the next post on the babies room, I promise it will include the bedding I designed. I can’t wait for you to see it.

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  1. September 14, 2011

    I love the dresser! The nursery is so very cute, Julie. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

    -Christen (from water aerobics)

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