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by Juliemara

Seven months and going strong! I feel like someone should ask me on a daily basis, “how big are you?” and I will hold my arms up like a Y and say is a cute little voice “SO BIG”. Agghh, I’m ready to fit into my skinny jeans again : ( My bump is measuring 47″ around. And apparently this is only the begining of my getting really big. I am a memeber of this great facebook group of all women (close to 150) who have recently had or are pregnant with twins. It’s fun to ask a question and get so many responses from all over the world. For example in Europe they use laughing gas as a form of pain relief in childbirth.

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  1. carter permalink
    October 20, 2011

    hi Honey!

    been thinking about you! the babies are beautiful! soo happy and excited for you all!

    know you are busy mending and getting in a groove but wanted to send my love!

    much love,

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