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babies room

by Juliemara

These little ladies are going to have one lovely room if you ask either my husband or I. We can’t walk past the room without stopping to take a peak, just to see how cute it’s becoming. Sorry for the horn tooting but we just love the room and can’t wait to fill it with pretty babies in pink.

Here’s what it was, and the progression to the present follows.

remember the really boring closet

now it’s more fun

then we put together the cribs, ok my husband did most of the work, But I did read the instructions to him.

At this stage, most people get to say “good job” lets go celebrate! Not in our house…nope I said “half way there!”

good job Baby!

Did you happen to see that pretty little grey and white thing in the corner of that picture before. This one?

That, my friends, is my craigs list redo.

I found this…

And with some professional help, turned it into this.

look familiar? remember this picture?

hehehe, it’s getting there.

and I love it. More to come soon!

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  1. tracey permalink
    September 8, 2011

    I’ll paint the chandelier for you!!

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