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The creatives around me never cease to amaze me | Smiling Watermelon
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The creatives around me never cease to amaze me

by Juliemara

Last week some of my sweet friends at work got together and threw me a little but very special baby shower. They were so cute with how they went about it, knowing that I am just not into the whole baby shower ordeal. There are several reasons why I didn’t feel the need or want for a baby shower, some I’ll keep to myself but mainly I had a feeling that I just wouldn’t be up for it. Although baby showers or parties in someones honor are suppose to be relaxing and stress free for the guest of honor, the reality of it is, these parties are stressful and exhausting for that person. I know this because it wasn’t that long ago that I had a few of these parties in my honor for my wedding, twice was enough for me. But, I gave the ok to my coworker because what’s better than an afternoon break for pastries at work (ok, leaving early is up there) so I was all for it, as long as it was small. It was perfect.

My friend Drew (below) orchestrated the whole thing, made all the lovley decorations and so really yummy Nutella cupcakes.  Drew and I have similar jobs except she works with girls product while I work with boys. There is one more like us in our division, Erin, she works with boy and girl baby product.  She and her mom together created the beautiful quilts for the babies, many a blog photo will be taken of the little ones on these blankets.


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