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A few girly touches

by Juliemara

Slowly slowly I am getting things unpacked and into the babies room, here are a few pics of the girly touches that have been added…

The Bedding.

I am totally in love with it. I chose the fabric and had it made by a woman I work with.  The concept looked like this.

And the End result… Loveing it!

The quilts were a gift from another co-worker, pretty fab, right?

then the shelf was added and strategically placed so that in the event that something falls off it, nothing will fall on a baby’s head, in the crib or on the changing table. The shelf has a few things I couldn’t resist from the Carter’s gift line.

I got a set of three natural baskets with liners for super cheap from Micheals the middle size one in the changing table is for diapers, wipes and Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, which has come highly recomended

I love how the rug looks in the room, it’s probably a little small but these are the lessons you learn as you go. I think I’ll pick up a furry IKEA rug to fill the space next to the cribs and there is more to come for the reading nook. And the room will change and grow with the girls as the years go on. See that white frame on the back wall I have a fun plan for it, so be sure to check back!

Thanks for visiting! Let me know what you think!

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more rooms for living

by Juliemara

It’s been a while since I’ve update the blog on our home other than the babies room, it IS the most fun room, we know. But in a life we lived not that long ago, before babies were the center of everything, we, like most adults, were really excited about planning our own brand new kitchen and bathrooms!

The last pictures you saw of the bathrooms were these

Master bath

and now it looks like this,

we are planning to do glass doors at some point.

And the Hall bathroom, which will also be the girls bathroom, looked like this…

And now it’s all nice and shiny,

And with a few final touches

Everything is is just right

Ok the light still needs centering, but what fun would it be if everything was really just perfect

And a little something added by Grandaddy to make sure that little girls don’t get their fingers mashed when big boys don’t put the seat down.

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Ultrasound Update

by Juliemara

The babies are getting so big that the ultra sound techs don’t even bother giving me pictures anymore, so I don’t have any from my last appointment which I was 31 weeks and 4 days on Sept 7th. But I can tell you that the babies are growing strong. Baby a in the right corner (my right) is weighing in at 4lbs 3oz and baby b in the left corner (my left) is weighing in a 4lbs 8oz. These little ladies are about the size of a Cantaloup! Yum. Of course the weights are estimations that could be off by about 10%, but considering I still have 4-5 more weeks of growing babies to do, I think they will be big twins. My husband and I were each 9lbs or more! Thanks Moms for growing us big and strong!

Hopefully I will get a picture of a foot or an ear at out next scan to share.

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Babies room progress

by Juliemara

Hey, teachers out there, am I spelling Babies room correctly? Or is it suppose to be Baby’s room?

Anyway, we made some progress, Check it out..

So, we built the cribs, and even though they do have wheels we still have to commit to a room layout at some point.

I think this takes up too much wall space,

and this is too hospital baby ward,

this could work, as long as the dresser/changing table fits.

But the votes are in and the final decision is…

The dresser! Another craigslist find. We had it painted white and spray painted the brass pulls with fuchsia pink.

Total cost $73.

Then we attached the changing pad.

It gets drilled into the back of the dresser so its really safe foir the little ones.

I need to clear up a little confusion on one of my decorating decisions. I did not get rid of this really ugly fan

For a brass chandelier, it’s the lighting,

it’s brushed nickle and it’s really cute super bargain under $100 and the shades were only about $5 each

Then my sweet husband hung the book shelves for the reading nook, which soon will have a nice rocking chair and eventually will be a little play area for the girls.

And last we put together the couch in a box. I didn’t get a picture of the couch IN the box because after walking Ikea for four hours on labor day Monday the last thing I was thinking about doing was taking pictures, but here’s the result.

It needs some steaming out, but that will have to wait.

Look out for the next post on the babies room, I promise it will include the bedding I designed. I can’t wait for you to see it.

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I know the day will come…

by Juliemara

I know the day will come when my hands no longer hurt, I hope that day comes soon after our babies are born. I know the day will come when I can once again breath through my nose. I know the day will come when I will be able to sleep on my stomach or my back, even if it is for only a few hours at a time. I haven’t felt much like me lately, I miss me, I am generally a happy person, up for anything, energetic and enthusiastic. But now I’m just so tired and heavy and to top it all off my hand just hurt all the time, day and night. I use to get some relief during the day for a few hours here or there, but they seem to be getting worse.

To pass the time I think about all the other really amazing things to come. I know the day will come when someone will look at me and say “mama”, I wonder who will say it first. I know the day will come when i will be able to walk normally again and our little family of four will go on a hike in the woods together and we will share our love of nature with our little girls. I get to think about a million things like this as these days pass and they are the thoughts that make me happy they the girls stay inside me one more day. I just hope they are not beating each other up in there, because sometimes it feels like it. I couldn’t upload the video here, but go to my Facebook page to see my belly bump dancing.

Have a happy Monday.

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by Juliemara

Seven months and going strong! I feel like someone should ask me on a daily basis, “how big are you?” and I will hold my arms up like a Y and say is a cute little voice “SO BIG”. Agghh, I’m ready to fit into my skinny jeans again : ( My bump is measuring 47″ around. And apparently this is only the begining of my getting really big. I am a memeber of this great facebook group of all women (close to 150) who have recently had or are pregnant with twins. It’s fun to ask a question and get so many responses from all over the world. For example in Europe they use laughing gas as a form of pain relief in childbirth.

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babies room

by Juliemara

These little ladies are going to have one lovely room if you ask either my husband or I. We can’t walk past the room without stopping to take a peak, just to see how cute it’s becoming. Sorry for the horn tooting but we just love the room and can’t wait to fill it with pretty babies in pink.

Here’s what it was, and the progression to the present follows.

remember the really boring closet

now it’s more fun

then we put together the cribs, ok my husband did most of the work, But I did read the instructions to him.

At this stage, most people get to say “good job” lets go celebrate! Not in our house…nope I said “half way there!”

good job Baby!

Did you happen to see that pretty little grey and white thing in the corner of that picture before. This one?

That, my friends, is my craigs list redo.

I found this…

And with some professional help, turned it into this.

look familiar? remember this picture?

hehehe, it’s getting there.

and I love it. More to come soon!

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Where we live

by Juliemara

here are a few updates on the house. Soon the decorating projects will start and then they will stop, probably for a while, but not to worry there will be fun babies pictures posted as often as possible.

where we cook and eat, there it was

Here it is

We got a fan

Where we sit, there it was

The Bathrooms are done! almost…but that’s for tomorrow

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The creatives around me never cease to amaze me

by Juliemara

Last week some of my sweet friends at work got together and threw me a little but very special baby shower. They were so cute with how they went about it, knowing that I am just not into the whole baby shower ordeal. There are several reasons why I didn’t feel the need or want for a baby shower, some I’ll keep to myself but mainly I had a feeling that I just wouldn’t be up for it. Although baby showers or parties in someones honor are suppose to be relaxing and stress free for the guest of honor, the reality of it is, these parties are stressful and exhausting for that person. I know this because it wasn’t that long ago that I had a few of these parties in my honor for my wedding, twice was enough for me. But, I gave the ok to my coworker because what’s better than an afternoon break for pastries at work (ok, leaving early is up there) so I was all for it, as long as it was small. It was perfect.

My friend Drew (below) orchestrated the whole thing, made all the lovley decorations and so really yummy Nutella cupcakes.  Drew and I have similar jobs except she works with girls product while I work with boys. There is one more like us in our division, Erin, she works with boy and girl baby product.  She and her mom together created the beautiful quilts for the babies, many a blog photo will be taken of the little ones on these blankets.


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