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it’s slow, but it’s progress

by Juliemara

First, I just want to say that my husband is amazing, he is taking great care of me and doing everything in his super human power to get our house “Done” (quotation explanation a little later). Now, remember this post? That was 21 days ago, I laugh at myself as I think about how I told you that the “major” things would be done next week. OK, so that deadline came and went, but each week things here and there get “worked on” and I do have a lot of faith that one day we will have a house that looks and feels put together and lived in all at the same time.

Originally this renovation was suppose to be “DONE” when we moved in (july fourth weeknd), since nothing was working at that point we spent one week at my sisters house while she and her husband were traveling and another two, oh wait, we extened it to three days at the staybrige (which was actually kinda great, with the whole maid service thing). When we did move in, as you can see from the above post things were hardly “done”. So each day I was told, by my wonderful husband, that today ______ (fill in the blank) would be done, and each day it maybe gets worked on, but not much is really done. I actually don’t like the word, I believe a home should grow with your family as much as possible, so when you are done, what it means is that it’s time to move : )

so, as annoying as it was to not have a kitchen to cook in for several weeks, I must say I have enjoyed delicious home cooked meals for the past three night, courtsy of that great guy I married. And As much as I hated brushing my teeth in the kitchen sink day after day, I am really happy with how the hall bathroom is shaping up.

Here are a few pics to show what Has been done,


















and now

and, from this

















to this, in case you were curious, it’s super comfy.


and from this

to this (for several weeks)


to a fully functional lou!

it still needs some finishing touches, but It’s usable!


and remember this lovely old schoolness in our room

gone and replaced with something I like much more

ok, here’s where that pesky word comes in. See this, to my sweet husband who really tries to make me as happy as possible, is “Done” except it’s obvious that it is not, for starters, the sink doesn’t work, and there is all this construction junk where I am suppose to clean my face and teeth.

And there is still no mirror and that light, oh, that light, it has to go ASAP. It’s really not what I want to look at first thing in the morning, it reminds me of the lights in Hollister ( I use to work there). More to come on this project.

And a quick peak into the babies to be room

It still needs longer candles, bulbs and shades, but I already love it.

And I got this rug, what do you think?

PS my bump is the size of a huge watermelon and feel and looks like one with the stripe that has developed, LOL!

Thanks for stopping by!

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4 Responses leave one →
  1. tracey permalink
    August 12, 2011

    I love the rug!

  2. DAD permalink
    August 15, 2011

    Hi Julie, the Kitchen does look better, Yasha is making progress. I will happen. See you this weekend.

  3. Liat permalink
    August 17, 2011

    Hey lovely cousin,

    Sorry to hear you are not feeling too hot these days. Sending some positive energies your way. I know it seems like the progress is slow, but it is better to do it slow and right, then fast and wrong. Especially with 2 little treasures coming.
    I”m traveling to Israel on Sep 14th for about a month. Due you or Yasha need anything from there? I don’t mind carrying to this side of the globe and ship it to you to Atlanta or bring it with when I come visit. I can also come for a weekend end to help out if needed (I can be pretty handy when needed..:-).
    Hang in there…

  4. Shirly permalink
    August 20, 2011

    WOW! It looks amazing! you’ve made such a great progress!
    can’t wait to see it tomorrow!

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