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Some things I will miss | Smiling Watermelon
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Some things I will miss

by Juliemara

One of the things that I have always loved doing is roaming around antique malls and fairs and looking at the stuff that people have from the past. I have purchased a thing or two here and there but I am by no means a collector.  I just love the design of household items from the 20’s. 30’s, 40’s 50’s 60’s and 70’s. I thinks it makes for a really interesting environment when the new and old are mixed up around you. Last weekend I took some time for myself and went to one of my favorite Antique malls near Atlanta. There are so many around the south and hopefully one day I’ll be able to share this passion with two young ladies, but I imagine that will be some time from now. I don’t think any of these stores would appreciate a double wide trying to maneuver through the tiny isles and hidden nooks and crannies.

Part of me hates that I do it to myself, going to these stores and seeing all these interesting pieces that I know, given the time and research, I could make them come alive again. But Thanks to that great show on TLC “hoarders” I refrain from buying much of anything and I am happy just to see whats there and dream about it later.

One of the items in general that I am obsessed with are chairs, doesn’t matter what kind or for what use, I just love chairs.

I found these bentwood dinning chairs, but they were a bit wobbly and I would have no idea how to fix them,

there were four of them.

Wouldn’t they have been a lovely addition to our home with a little makeover.

and then there was this wood chair, with the great carved detail.

I would paint it and probably add a cushion.

I actually have two chairs that a church was going to throw away, so I got them for free.

And as soon as I get around to painting and reupholstering them, I’ll show you how it turned out.

Look for that in late 2012 sometime ; ).

I also found these adorable vintage kid sized folding chairs, I think I may actually get these if they are still there when I go back.

Another chair that I am currently obsessing over is this Eames reproduction in kids size, I want two, obviously.

Ok enough with my chair sickness, on to glass wear.

I love glass! Colored glass, vintage glass, etched glass, and of course glass that looks like fancy crystal. I also love anything for the kitchen that is colorful.

Some of you may be wondering why I choose all white dishes to register for when we got married. Easy! I could never pick a favorite color (although blue and green tend to usually win me over).

Mixing it up is easy when you have white dishes, I can use yellow salad plates or blue cups or pink utensils and the table will always look fun and put together.

Then I found these old suitcases. I actually remember a few times when I was young having to actually carry a suitcase.

Now these relics are much better served as makeshift coffee tables or bedside table, ooh, imagine that n a guest room, get it travel theme.

And last I found these while I was writing this post, click the picture to get the recipe. I’m going to make some in my new kitchen, some time very soon. Don’t worry the almost finished house pics are coming.

Have a happy Hump day!

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