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a little getaway

by Juliemara


This was the first July 4th Holiday that my Whole family did not spend at the lake together, while it was a great relaxing weekend it didn’t feel like the 4th as much as past years. But with my ever growing belly I was perfectly ok with the mellow mood of the holiday. But where was everyone?? Well, My Mom, and My Dad were at the lake with my sisters two youngest cuties, and the dog, BAXTER. He’s such a cute dog, even if he does try to bite me every once in while, I forgive him. And While my parents were in charge of the two youngest Camp Barny was in charge of the oldest. Her first time at summer camp! Full report to come. As for my sister and her husband they are on a two week tour/learning trip in Israel courtesy of all my brother in laws hard work and being accepted to participate in the Wexner program. Reports so far are that they are seeing a lot, learning a lot and having a good trip. My other sister wasn’t able to make the trip down the GA from NC this time around, we missed her, but she did tell me that she learned how NOT to smoke a chicken for dinner, they ended up eating salad and sides on the overnight camping trip. And my sweet husband had to stay back and keep working hard on our new house, update soon to come.

I spent my time at the lake, swiming, naping, ating, and putting my feet up while watching the kids. I played with them some but they were perfectly content with nick jr and the disney channel, BUT NOT NICK TEEN, It was made perfectly clear to me that 3yr olds and 5yr olds are not allowed to watch NICK TEEN or sponge bob, but they are allowed to watch Peppa Pig, who I have become very fond of!

On the actual holiday we got some visitors, my best friend nurse Peggy and my aunt/Uncle/cousins on My Moms side.


We got to sit on the dock for a while enjoying the lake and watching the boats go by, like this one. The father and son built it themselves! We though it was beautiful.

And Yes, I wore a bikini! Apparently not everyone thinks this is an OK thing to do when you are a pregnant woman, but I figure I wear bikinis normally, they still fit, I’m not fat, and aside from a very small dark line in the center of my tummy I don’t have any gross stretch marks or viens, so until that day comes, I’m wearing my bikini! Warning for all you pregnant women in bikini haters, bikini pictures NEXT!


Then a storm started to come in from the west, so we headed up, and sure enough, five minutes later it was pouring. But it was nice to sit outside and watch it rain.

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3 Responses leave one →
  1. Peri permalink
    July 8, 2011

    You rock that bikini girl! Love it!

  2. Liat permalink
    July 12, 2011

    Totally agree with the comment above. You totally rock that bikini.
    Awesome blog.

  3. July 12, 2011

    You’re developing a new skill….patience, it will come handy in the future, you’ll see, every deep breath you take is filled with blessings turning you into an angel for the ones to come…you look beautiful! Keep enjoying life, that’s the most important nourishment!
    Best wishes for ALL of you, Noé, Guilad, Aryeh, Naomi and me Katz.

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