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Things are coming along…

by Juliemara

First, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! to my amazing husband. I love you and it has been a wonderful year and I am excited for a thousand more!

Things are coming along and beginning to take shape out in East Cobb. Our original move in date of July 4th weekend had to get pushed back a week or two because, who does a gut renovation of three bathrooms, a kitchen and a family room,  AND paints an entire house in 30days, apparently nobody (except Ty Pennington and his crew of two thousand), so mid July it is. I’m ok with that, because it means that my sweet husband, who is working so hard to make this house a home for us, will take a few days off to relax with our family at the lake for the holiday weekend, instead of moving boxes! YEAH! I’m happy and I know he will enjoy the relaxation.

Here’s how far we have come.

(Side note – towards the bottom of the post all the captions are messed up from their pictures, it’s a funny wordpress thing that I don’t know how to fix, but you’ll get the point)

Family room – remember this big mess

Here it is now, the cabinet doors are at the cabinet doctor getting a facelift.

The floor where we removed the fire place is almost finished.

Remember that hole in the back of the house

It has a filling now

Then there was that lovely mustard yellow dinning room that the tenants left for us

and what we have now

The Hall Bathroom went through a rough patch,

but things are looking up and emeraldy.

The girls room was blue, now that just wouldn’t do

here it is now,

but not for long, we are still going for this look, thanks Haute Mama

Here is their closet now

and here are my plans for it

Then there was our room

now here’s our room, just primer and a lot of mess

we tried out some different colors, which do you think is the best?

and our bathroom before

and after… in progress


Happy Monday!

The hall was is definitely better now than it was in it’s mustard yellow day

and yet somehow, some way all these things will be magically completed by mid July. I think it’s amazing. But for now, when I go to the house I just get so excited at the thought of sitting outside n our backyard or fron and laying on a blanket with my family staring up at these beautiful trees and watching the cloud go by.

Happy Monday!

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