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That was a Happy Day | Smiling Watermelon
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That was a Happy Day

by Juliemara

I’m talking about this past Sunday. For many men is was Father’s Day! A day filled with greeting cards, cakes and gifts in the shape of a tie, gifts of golf/fishing/hunting/home improvement equipment and of course lots of hugs from the little people in their lives and the people that were once little and always will be in the eyes of their DAD.  My Dad was many hundred miles away in North Carolina so we didn’t get to hang out but my two older sisters and I sent him some fun little things, one of which he still hasn’t received, Grrr. (I love Etsy but when the sellers don’t stay true to their word it gives the whole community a bad name!) He did get to hang out with my middle sister and it sounds like he had a good day. We get to hang out next weekend for the fourth, yeah! I know my Dad is proud of his family and I’m grateful to be a part of it. Love you Dad.

Around these parts we celebrated very differently.  Even though my husband isn’t quite an Abba yet he spent the day doing the most fatherly thing a man can do, building a house for his soon to be arriving little girls and us. It’s coming along great, updated pics on Monday I promise.  I had been able to feel the girls moving around for several days and I was determined to have him feel them too, so we sat on the couch and waited paitently for a and b to start playing and sure enough they did and he could feel it! The look on his face was priceless, I know he is getting excited to meet them.

John from one of my favorite blogs said about fathers day “I learned from my own dad to think of celebrating these holidays not with things, but by doing things… together” I think this is a great was to celebrate everyday, not just fathers day. I hope that our family takes the time in the future to do things rather than get things( as much).

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