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Happy Birthday Mom!

by Juliemara

Today is my moms’ birthday. She’s in NC and I’m in GA so I don’t get to celebrate with her but I hope what ever she chooses to do today is fun! Until recently we never knew how old our mom was (I have two sisters), she was always just in her early 30’s, which seamed reasonable to me, until I got to high school, then it was a little fishy. I did my detective work and found out how old she really was, and once I did I realized it really didn’t matter,  she’d always be my mom no matter how old either of us got. A few years ago my mom and her friend threw themselves a big birthday party in honor of thier milestone years, it was a lot of fun, I’m look ing forward to the next big party. But for now here are a few pics I have of my mom and me. I think she looks beautiful.

Taken right before my graduation from the 5th grade.











taken at my wedding June 27, 2010
















Happy birthday Mom, have a great day. Love you and miss you.

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