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Ultrasound Catch Up | Smiling Watermelon
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Ultrasound Catch Up

by Juliemara

I had my first ultrasound at 6wks pregnant to “confirm the pregnancy” oh the confirmed it all right with the overwhelmingly shocking words of “I can’t be certain and it’s still early, but it looks like there are two”. I had to call Yasha on the phone to tell him the news of two, since he was in Italy for work for the week. He didn’t believe me at first, then the phone went silent then it began to sink in.

March 9,2011















Since Many pregnancies start out as twins but only one develops they don’t say that it is twins for certain until nine or ten weeks. So we went back a week later to see if it is still twins. It is. They are as big as blueberries!

March 16, 2011 7weeks














That following Saturday after two weeks of agonizing morning sickness that lasted all day long I woke up feeling great, not hungry or hungover (that’s how morning sickness felt to me) and full of energy. I went for a walk in the park and got really nervous that something was wrong. So the next Monday I called to see if I could come for another ultrasound just to check. This is when I saw two little things that looked something like a babies and saw two little heartbeats. But you can’t tell from the picture. And they are as big as raspberries.

March 22, 2011 8 weeks













My next appointment was my first with my OB. And here’s what we saw…One looks bigger only because one was closer to the front than the other. But they are each the size of a green olive.

April 5, 2011 9 weeks











Here we saw what we had been hoping to see, the glorious membrane that separates the two babies within the sac. That’s why they are called monochorionic-diamniotic (‘mono/di’) twins . If they didn’t have that membrane they would be the highest risk twins possible and I would have had to be on bed rest in the hospital from 25 weeks on. I like my membrane. I’m sure there will come a day when these babies wished that membrane was still there.













Our next appointment wasn’t until three weeks later, at 12 weeks pregnant, I wasn’t even past my first trimester and I was already super spoiled with the ultra sounds. The next appointment was the first with the perinatal doctor. He’s much more fun to go to than the OB, the ultrasound machines are a much higher resolution and first the ultrasound tech does one to take all the measurements and then the doctor comes in and does one to see for himself, so we get to see them twice every time. And now they are as big as Plums.

April 25, 2011 12 weeks










just b














just a














close up profile














The doctor told us (or at least me) to come back every two weeks. The babies had to be monitored closely because they are Mono Di twins, since they share a placenta there is a 1:5 chance that they could develop TTTS or Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome, which is when one twin gets all the nutrients from me and the other gets none, it’s not healthy for either baby and can be fixed but has to be caught in order to be fixed. So every two weeks we go to Atlanta Perinatal at Northside Hospital, and although I know I should not admit this, I still have to use my GPS to get there and still can’t figure out the best place to park once inside the deck. I feel like there should be a frequent parking program, like every fifth park is free.

So two weeks later we went back to check on our babies and found out that they are GIRLS! Time to learn how to make grossgrain hairbows! Our sweet little lemons.

May 9, 2011 14weeks














just baby girl a













just baby girl b














just to let you know, they can’t switch sides because of the membrane. That’s how they always know which is which.

Ok, here’s where I messed up, the the next day I had another appointment at my OB. When The doctor did the ultrasound we could see both babies head to toe facing each other, one was awake and moving her arms around, the other was asleep with her head drooped down. The awake one kept pushing the asleep one until she woke up, then they started moving tier arms towards each other, like they were playing. It was really cute. And we didn’t get a picture that day, sorry.

So two weeks later it was back to the Perinatal again. This time I was a little nervous because we had a little baby moon planned for memorial day weekend (see post here) but when I called the nurse to ask the doctor for clearance to fly she said I had to be checked right before, it just worked out that our appointment was the day before we left.

May 25, 2011 16weeks

Everything was great! babies are growing normally and equally! They are now approximately 7oz each. The size of an onion, which is actually a little big for 16 weeks, but some people say that twins develop faster because your body just knows that they don’t usually get 40 weeks of growing time.














just baby girl b














just baby girl a














And Finally we have caught up. Today I went to the OB again.

June 6, 2011 18 weeks

Now they are as big as sweet potatoes, even though they pretty much look the same as they did last time and the time before that, but it’s a good thing since they are just suppose to be growing for the next four months.  So in an effort to amuse myself I developed a game to play with them. It’s kinda like the cloud game where you try to find shapes in the white puffiness, here you try to find shapes in the black and white blurriness. I see jellyfish, what do you see.












I see the Flyers logo.













I see an alien, like this guys











 Next appointment June 13, 2011.

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  1. arlene permalink
    June 7, 2011

    Loved reading the history of the girls!!!! We are soo excited about the twins-can’t wait to see a picture of your mom holding both in her arms! Hope to see you soon, love, Arlene

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