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Bahama Mama | Smiling Watermelon
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Bahama Mama

by Juliemara

Thus became my nickname for the 5 days on the sunny little island.  We woke up early, took walks, laid in the shade and read our books. Aside from that there was just a lot of relaxing. One of my favorite things about the Bahamian people is that they are not afraid to comment on your pregnancy.  It’s never invasive just something to show that they are excited for you. “I see you’re getting ready!” or ” You feeling ok?” Not like the woman at the pool who after being so nice during our three or four minute chat decided to give me the really bad and stupid advice “just be careful next time” as her parting words. Stupid lady. I could only wish to be so lucky as to have another set of twins one day!

When we arrived on Thursday we had just enough time to squish our toes in the sand and watch the sunset before it was time to eat, again.

This was totally cool. Yasha and I were headed back to the hotel after our walk down the beach and who does he recognize walking along the road, barefoot of course!, Cody Lundin from Dual Survival! He was so nice and let us take this picture with him and his “sweetie”. He and Dave Canterbury were in the Bahamas filming Shark Week for the Discovery Channel. We love watching their show together, this way in case we ever get stranded in the middle of the African Bush we will know how not to get eaten until we get rescued.

The Friday was beautiful and sunny when we woke up, so we decided to go for a walk.

But then I got tired so we had to take a rest.

Finally  we made it to our destination. Yasha loves grocery stores. I learned this early on in our relationship when we use to shop together and he would meander down each isle like he was window shopping? So at home we do our shopping separately because I don’t like to spend an hour in the grocery store if its not necessary, but when we travel I like to see him indulge in this little pleasure, he likes to see what the local people eat.

What to buy??? Water and Coconut water, good choice.

Next we visited a little neighborhood, it was so cute! If we go back to this island we’ll stay here.

Not the best picture of me, but what a place to sit and relax. This little neighborhood had a private beach but you couldn’t walk along it to another beach, there were too many rocks.

Yasha was so sweet the whole time, he could tell when I was getting tired and always offered to carry the bag, even if it did mean he was a guy carrying a purse.

We loved how our hotel room was decorated, simple blue and white with dark would and a fun mix of pattern. It felt fresh and modern. I think we will decorate at guestroom in our new house like this.

I wore my new favorite dress (it’s not new, I just really like how it fits right now) and we had a nice dinner by the pool.

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